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Mizzou Links, 8-11-14: Fan Day, cool weather, and 19 days to South Dakota State

Mizzou Fan Day takes place under cool skies, Gary Pinkel opposes Power 5 scheduling, Mizzou Volleyball prepares for an encore, and ... stay safe, St. Louis.

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Pretty awful situation in Ferguson et al at the moment. I hope all Rock M'ers are safe, and I hope justice is served for whoever deserves it. I trust this community to handle it, and I'm interested to see how much of a national story this becomes. Barely seemed to register on the national radar last night.


Fan Day
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Damn Mother Nature
The Missourian: Cool weather brings mixed feelings for Missouri football

"It's remarkably comfortable out here weather-wise," Pinkel said. "Really, you don't really want it that way because our first three games are going to be played between 11 in the morning and 2:30 in the afternoon." [...]

Midway through talking to reporters Saturday, the sweat on center Evan Boehm's massive arms had evaporated away. He said Missouri's players are relishing the mild August temperatures.

"It's real nice to have a camp like this," Boehm said. "We really like to say God is a really good Missouri Tiger fan right now."

Post-Dispatch: Mizzou's backup QB race too close to call

Running backs (or whatever)
The Trib: MU seeks multiple ways to use Murphy in offense

The Missourian: Darius White praises God and Mack Brown

Tight ends
Post-Dispatch: Tight ends continue to evolve in Mizzou offense
PowerMizzou: Pressure to produce?

Defensive ends
The Trib: Under-the-radar recruit ready to make name for himself

Defensive tackles
The Trib: Healed-up Hoch hopes for big things in his senior year

PowerMizzou: Young backers in the spotlight

Pinkel on Power 5 autonomy
The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Missouri Fall Camp Notes: The "Autonomy, I Promise Thee" edition
Post-Dispatch: Pinkel opposes Power Five scheduling

Under Pinkel, Mizzou has played at least one nonconference opponent from another power conference 11 times in 13 seasons, every year but 2004 and 2005. Like last year, the Tigers play Indiana from the Big Ten this season. Past regular-season opponents that reside in power conferences have been Illinois (six times), Michigan State, Ole Miss (twice), Arizona State (twice) and Syracuse.

On Friday, Pinkel elaborated on his opposition, citing two reasons: One, playing in the SEC is "tough enough," he said. Two, teams from outside the Power Five conferences rely on exposure and revenue that comes from contracted games with teams from the Power Five — like his teams at Toledo enjoyed when they played Ohio State, Penn State and Purdue, among others, from 1991-2000.

"I would suggest it’ll probably stay the way it is and hopefully that’ll happen," Pinkel said.

Damn straight
Fox Sports MW: Michael Sam: 'I can play in this league'


Torren, ICYMI
The Trib: Jones dismissed from MU basketball program
Post-Dispatch: Mizzou dismisses Jones from basketball team

Seattle Times: The transformation of Tramaine Isabell: Former Seattle star adjusts at Missouri


The Trib: What will they do for an encore?

Kreklow manned the setter position in Missouri’s 5-1 system in each of the last four seasons. Her replacement will be sophomore Loxley Keala, freshman Ali Kreklow — Molly Kreklow’s cousin and Coach Wayne Kreklow’s daughter — or both.

Wayne Kreklow said he can’t recall ever consistently using a 6-2 system during his coaching career other than possibly for brief periods during the early 2000s. That might change.

"That’s going to be one of our major focal points going into the preseason, is trying to determine what system is going to do best with this particular group of kids," Kreklow said.

Keala has the experience advantage. She played defensive specialist for Missouri last season and operated Missouri’s 5-1 system during spring practice. She probably has the inside track if Kreklow opts for his standard 5-1.

MUTIGERS.COM: Get to Know: Mizzou Volleyball Freshmen