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2014 Missouri Walkthrough: Josh Augusta has the highest ceiling of the Tiger tackles

Josh Augusta didn't make many tackles in 2013, but almost every one of them was a play-maker's tackle. It was impossible to watch him and not see upside. We'll see how close he can get to his ceiling as a sophomore.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Augusta

6'4, 300, So.

2013: 7.0 tackles, 3 TFL, 2 sacks

Bill C.: Somehow, Josh Augusta made only 7.0 tackles in 2013; I think I remember all seven. It seems like the big guy was around the ball a lot as a true freshman, and all we're hearing about him during fall camp is how strong he is. He's a damn oak tree -- he told reporters earlier today that he's close to 330 pounds at this point -- and if he tamps down what were apparently some all-or-nothing tendencies in 2013 (not exactly uncommon for true freshmen), he could be the anchor of this line in 2015-16.

Seriously ... 330 pounds? Holy moly.

countrycal: Big Josh was my favorite freshman lineman last year. As a true freshman, the 6’4" and 300-lb. defensive tackle saw action in all 13 games, and on several occasions showed signs of becoming a dominant force for the Tigers on the D-line. Entering fall camp as second on the depth chart for nose guard behind Lucas Vincent, Josh appears to be in line for plenty of action this year as he gains experience. Competition for playing time at nose guard is going to be fierce this year with a senior starter and three promising young sophomores all vying for time on the field. My guess is Augusta will get the most time behind Vincent . . . but that may just be wishful thinking.

switzy227: see my thoughts on Harold Brantley.

Brantley and Josh Augusta strike me as more aggressive lineman than the starters. Their youth leaves some work to be done, but playing behind Hoch and Vincent for another year should give them opportunity to continue honing the finer points of the position while hopefully still providing them the opportunity to blow things up from time to time in game situations: like blocking field goals or taking fake punts off-tackle for 26 yards. Of course, Brantley is going to have to do whatever the coaches are asking of him in order to regain that role, given his early depth chart tumble.

AlaTiger: I expect Josh to play well and play a lot in the NG rotation.

The Beef: Boy howdy do we appear to be deep at the Nose position. I guess I wonder if anyone is going to shift over to get behind Hoch since I think Augusta, Brantley and Hatley would all stand to play before the first person behind Hoch. Nevertheless, if Brantley does not make the depth chart comeback I expect, guys like Hatley and Augusta mean we should not lose much.

wooderson: has auto jugs