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2014 Missouri Walkthrough: Young tackles wait their turn

Missouri's reserve defensive tackles have unique qualities that could allow them to see the field -- Rickey Hatley is small and quick enough to move to end in short-yardage, and A.J. Logan is the biggest of the tackles. And Evan Winston is right in the middle.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Rickey Hatley

6'4, 270, So.

2013: 1.0 tackles

countrycal: Another of the recent crop of up-and-coming defensive linemen is Rickey Hatley, a redshirt sophomore. Coming in at 270 pounds, there was some talk in the spring about moving him to a defensive end position. He is currently listed third behind Vincent and Augusta at the nose guard position. I would still not be surprised to see Hatley moved to the end position if needed simply due to his lack of size. Rickey appeared in eight games last year.

The Beef: Cal mentioned the potential move to end, and while that did not materialize on the official depth chart, I suppose I would be curious to see if he does not end up filling that role on short yardage situations should we need to bring in a jumbo-type of package.

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Evan Winston

6'3, 295, So.

2013: 1.0 tackles

countrycal: Evan is a 6’3" 295-lb redshirt sophomore who entered the spring camp as the fourth nose guard but has since been moved to the Number Two position at defensive tackle behind Matt Hoch. We’ll see if he can hold that spot with all the competition for playing time on this line. Evan played in one game in 2013.

AlaTiger: Who else will step up this year on the defensive interior? It could be Winston. Someone needs to as we had no interior DL signees this year and have no juniors on the roster. It’s an interesting distribution.

The Beef: I suppose I did not realize that Winston had been at NG and moved over to DT (per my earlier question). Given the depth chart, I think Winston has an important role to play this season if he is serving as the true backup (and not just another name in the rotation should the coaches choose to make the inner DL somewhat position-agnostic).

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A.J. Logan

6'2, 310, RSFr.

countrycal: A.J. is a 6’2" 310-lb. redshirt freshman who graduated from nearby Rock Bridge High School before moving on to Mizzou. He was moved to the pre-camp depth chart as third behind Hoch and Winston. I don’t think A.J. is likely to get much playing time this year, but practice every day against the lineup the Tigers can present will help the younger players gain some degree of experience without ever reaching the field.

The Beef: This is a BIG boy who I would hope would see a little bit of time should the games and situations dictate. With the departure of Hoch next season however, Logan is certainly going to want to start positioning himself to be in the mix in the coming seasons.

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