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2014 Missouri Walkthrough: Clarence Green might be running out of time


Clarence Green

6'0, 225, Jr.

2012: 0.5 tackles
2013: 1.0 tackles

Bill C.: It's easy to be excited about a lot of the young names we've heard a lot about through the years -- Mike Scherer, Donavin Newsom, etc. -- but Clarence Green has been a depth chart presence for a couple of seasons now, grinding away on special teams and the second string, both as an outside linebacker and nickel back.

Some guys have high ceilings, while others have high floors; we get more excited about the former, but the latter can be equally important. If Newsom continues to struggle with injuries and Darvin Ruise struggles in other ways, Green will quite possibly get a chance to prove himself regularly in the latter category. If not, he might get lost in the shuffle.

countrycal: Clarence is another linebacker with a lot of possibility who may simply get lost on the depth chart. He appeared in 10 games last year, but as a junior has already been jumped by two sophomores and will be competing with two redshirt freshmen for backup playing time this year.

AlaTiger: It is step-up time for Green for the reasons countrycal noted. If he doesn’t, I imagine the RS junior will graduate and give up his last year of eligibility.

The Beef: Green was always someone I figured would end up in the defensive secondary, but he stayed on the bulkier side of Safety and hung as a LB. At this point, I don't figure to see much of Green aside from special teams and backup duty. I would guess the most playing time he would see would perhaps reflect the overall rotation the coaches choose to employ.

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