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2014 Missouri Walkthrough: Freshman LBs face a crowded depth chart

Three athletic Missouri freshmen -- Brandon Lee, Grant Jones, and Roderick Winters -- will probably have to wait to find a role in the Tigers' linebacking corps

Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Lee

6'2, 215, Fr.

Bill C.: For all of the talk about Missouri's key Southern recruiting in the 2014 class, one of the most highly touted guys in the group hails from Indiana. Lee's got a crowded, young depth chart to maneuver into, but as a four-star recruit (via 247 Sports) with obvious athleticism, he'll have a chance.

countrycal: I see Brandon as a redshirt this year.

The Beef: I certainly cannot argue with Cal on this, though Lee was one of the handful of 2014 recruits who landed on campus right as the calendar year started and got the benefit of the winter conditioning and spring practices.

wooderson: neon balder, laden boner

Grant Jones

6'3, 225, Fr.

countrycal: Grant has at times been mentioned as a potential defensive end candidate. He comes into camp at 6’3" and 225 pounds. If it gets skinny for defensive ends, or if there is great need for someone his size for special teams, he may escape the redshirt . . . otherwise I don’t expect to see him on the field this year.

The Beef: I too am interested to see how Jones grows and develops over the coming couple of seasons to see if he grows into a defensive end position. For now, the scout team beckons, as does a year in the Gun Club.

wooderson: strong jean, jargon nest

Roderick Winters

5'11, 195, Fr.

countrycal: Another freshman headed for the redshirt I would expect to add some weight and strength to his 5’11" 195-pound frame.

The Beef: Oh hey, I think I found my new Clarence Green "This guy isnt a safety?" award winner.

Bill C.: Winters has safety speed and a linebacker's upper body. That's ... pretty much all we know about him at the moment, but I've heard of worse starting points.

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