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Maty Mauk gives the SEC a peek into Mizzou Playbook

Browsing through our shiny new toy, the SEC Network, I noticed a handsome Mizzou quarterback calling plays

Maty Mauk says "Roar"
Maty Mauk says "Roar"

The SEC Network asked a bunch of the league's signal-callers to call a play. In all likelihood the exact question was, "What's your favorite play?" Almost half-way through, Maty Mauk, decked out in his SEC Media days attire, shows up.

Did you catch that? No? I don't blame you, it went pretty quick. I took the liberty of GIFing it:

It's rare that super-secretive Gary Pinkel would reveal something, but maybe he didn't expect coaches to be "with it" and scouring the internet for clues about the new starting QB's tendencies.

Could it possibly be the first TD Mauk threw in college - a perfect throw to Bud Sasser in the left corner of the endzone vs Florida?

If you diagram this touchdown vs Florida it looks similar to the below image except the RB is on the opposite side. The X and Z WRs run hitch routes while the "A" (Bud Sasser) and Y run seam routes toward the endzone.

Regardless if this is Mauk's favorite play or just a collection of words, it peaked my curiosity, and perhaps your own? Near as I can decipher, two wide receivers line up on the left side of the field and one on the right. This doesn't preclude the possibility of a flexed TE or a fourth WR somehow.

Depending on how you parse the sentence, it could read "Deuce Left Lion" meaning the two WRs on the left are running a "Lion" route while "Right Bozo Boar" indicates the "Bozo" which is pretty close to "Solo" = a single WR on the right running a "Boar" route.

To me "Bozo" could be a dummy or dead call - meaning it's telling someone to stay in and block. Or it could mean "Both Zone" indicating that the WRs should sit underneath zone coverage to get open.

If I know one thing about Maty, it's that he digs the deep ball, so I could hazard the guess that "Boar" is lingo for a deep route.

Anyway, I'll ask again

"Deuce Left Lion Right Bozo Boar"

What do you think it means?