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Mizzou Gets Commitment From 3-Star Forward

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Kevin Puryear, a 3-star Forward from Blue Springs, MO becomes Mizzou's first commitment in the 2015 class.

So just a few days after the Tigers lost out in the Jimmy Whitt sweepstakes, they took their first commitment of the 2015 season. Kevin Puryear is a Forward from Blue Springs who is rated 3-stars by Rivals, announced on Twitter that he was committing to the University of Missouri. He did it like this:

#MIZBABY! I'll follow up with a #ZOUDANCINGMIZZOUBABY. And because you know I can't resist... HIGHLIGHT VIDEOS!

Some LINKS! Eric Bossi says he's pretty good. Dave Matter writes about itPowerMizzou says a thing or two.

Puryear isn't a flashy player. He's solid fundamentally, tough around the basket, and has a soft outside jumper. What he can provide Missouri in the early going is a very good role guy. I think he can step in and play right away because of how fundamental and tough he is. Bottom line is that every team needs a player like Puryear, and he adds to some recent signing of tough players. I like it. Some quotes from Puryear:

"They see me playing the three in college and coach Anderson loves how hard I play," said Puryear. "He loves that I'm a high character guy and every time he talks to me he stresses that to me."

The fact that they see him as a perimeter player is a bit of a surprise. I think he has the ability to step it out and be that stretch four that is so effective in the High-Low offense, but I really like him as the undersized power forward because of his ability to stretch the floor. He's got enough athleticism to play the perimeter and be effective early on, and potentially grow into a small forward role. Puryear has good size at 6'7, and his body is ready to compete in the SEC now at 225 lbs. Puryear can be an immediate 10-12 minute guy as a freshman because he has game that translates well to college. He's economical around the rim, draws contact and can play through it. And this is all just based upon his junior year tape. He still has room to grow before he hits campus.

This isn't a jump through the roof kind of signing. But your roster needs guys like Puryear. He's a #TrueSon who is a Missouri kid going to play for Missouri. Nevermind what I say in the future about recruiting locally it's good to have a kid that grew up in the footprint and wants to be a Tiger. You will never have to question his love for wearing the jersey.

Now what this means for the rest of the class...

It doesn't mean that the Tigers are done with anyone from Missouri. I say that because a lot of concern rises up when Juwan Morgan lists his 5 visits and Mizzou is not one of them. He's going to visit Mizzou, it just won't be "official". He's a similar player to Puryear with a bit more spring in his legs and a little less range on his jumper. I still say that Mizzou wants a true post player and that Thomas Bryant is their top target there. I think they still want a combo-guard type and it's hard not to see Antonio Blakeney as their top target there. But don't count out Cullen VanLeer, Ted Kapita, Caleb Swanigan and a few others.

But for now, WELCOME #TRUESON Kevin Puryear. The newest Tiger.

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