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Shoe-less Henry Josey making a name for himself with touchdown runs

Last night, Henry Josey's 71 yard touchdown run was called back because of a penalty, but reminds us of his fantastic ability.

Henry Josey continues to play well
Henry Josey continues to play well
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Late in the 4th quarter of an Eagle blowout of the running-back-less Steelers, shoe-less Henry Josey broke this tremendous touchdown run:

As you can see, there was a flag on the play, meaning the touchdown didn't count, but much like Reggie Bush, we know what really happened.

This is actually Josey's second consecutive week scoring a TD during an NFL preseason game. Last week he scored against the Patriots as the clock expired on the 3rd quarter. (sorry about the potato-quality)

Watching Josey play, it's really easy to believe he plays the way he feels, particularly when he says he "never looks down" and "just keep looking forward".

"I do feel very blessed, because I’ve had so much support and that’s the main thing that’s been keeping me going so far," Josey said. "I don’t even look down at the scar anymore. I don’t ever look down any more. It’s my past. It’s definitely something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life, but I just keep looking forward in life, and to everyone else who’s supported me and allowed me to get this far.

Watching Josey's run against Pittsburgh reminded me of a play from the 2013 season vs Kentucky. The game was decided by multiple DGB touchdowns, but it was put to bed by an 86 yard run from Henry Josey

What isn't apparent from the GIF is that Henry Josey barely had his right shoe on (image via Columbia Tribune)

Still not his most impressive run, in my opinion: