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2014 Missouri Walkthrough: Gibson might be Tigers' most disruptive CB

John Gibson might be Missouri's most athletic, disruptive cornerback. Can he strike a balance between disruption and sophomore breakdowns in 2014?

Bill Carter

John Gibson

6'0, 185, So.

2013: 11.5 tackles, 1 INT, 3 PBU

countrycal: I could almost just say "see above" in reference to Aarion Penton as I discuss John Gibson. Another sophomore who came in last year and made some serious noise as a contributor to a great season. He is slated to start across the field from Penton and is already expected to hold down the fort there. In addition to his prowess as a starting cornerback, John has also already shown ability as a kick returner if needed. The two sophomores should serve the Tigers well for the next three years as they improve through experience.

AlaTiger: While I don’t believe that John played quite as well as Aarion last year, he was a solid contributor, and I expect to see growth. I feel good about the CB position going into camp.

CapnCribbs: If he can make the type of progress going into this season as he made last season, I feel very good about our secondary. He and Penton both spent some time on the field last season, so they at least have some actual PT to fall back on. While Gibson didn’t catch my eye as often as Penton did, you also didn’t hear his name mentioned on a broadcast too often, which is a good thing for a CB.

The Beef: We are only two people into the secondary preview and I am starting to understand why some don't think much of our team this season. As others have mentioned, Gibson getting some PT previously is helpful, but he is someone who I feel I don't know as much about, and therefore he has gotten some of my attention as fall camp has unfolded.

Bill C.: I might be the only one who was as or more excited about John Gibson as Penton. From a pure athleticism standpoint, Gibson might be the top dog in the secondary already. He's fast, and he proved more disruptive than Penton last year. But the fact that Penton seems to have the No. 1 role locked down (according to practice reports and SOURCES!!, anyway) suggests that Penton is probably the steadier of the two. Regardless, they're both sophomores, they're both athletic, and they're both reasons why Mizzou's 2015 defense should be lights out.

wooderson: big johnson, josh boning