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2014 Missouri Walkthrough: Johnson could provide a steadying role as a wise old junior

Ronald Martinez

David Johnson

5'11, 190, Jr.

2013: 3.0 tackles, 1 TFL

Bill C.: David Johnson has by all accounts matured and developed pretty well in his three years in Columbia. As a redshirt junior, he's easily the oldest cornerback Mizzou's got, and he could provide a steadying influence if one of the Tigers' two sophomore starters goes off the rails a bit. Johnson was a 2013 spring star, and Mizzou has had plenty of late bloomers through the years. He still has plenty of time to become a contributor and memorable name on the Tiger defense.

countrycal: David was expected to move into a starting position this year before Aarion Penton and John Gibson stepped up so well. He will still get the opportunity to take that starting position if he outplays either of the sophomores. The good part of this for the Tigers is the competition for the starting spots demonstrates Mizzou has good young depth at this position which was supposedly going to be vulnerable this year due to graduation.

AlaTiger: David may push John for starting time. Regardless, he will play.

The Beef: It's never a bad thing if you have someone like a David Johnson beating out a John Gibson as a starter. Not to say I believe that is what is going to happen, and for what it is worth, on the July depth chart Johnson was listed behind Penton, with our next preview’ee perhaps in line to give Gibson a run for his money.

wooderson: odd vain johns