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2014 Missouri Walkthrough: CB newcomers have same upside, inexperience as rest of unit

You can eat and drink for free at our tailgate anytime you want, Don Cheadle.


Kenya Dennis

6'0, 200, Jr.

Bill C.: Missouri's cornerbacks unit has tons of athleticism but not necessarily a lot of size. That gives Kenya Dennis a pretty quick opportunity to find a niche. Corners coach Cornell Ford has basically called him a rock of granite, and he could help to replenish the physical aspect that Mizzou lost when guys like Randy Ponder left. He could be strong in run support. My biggest concern regarding Dennis at the moment is that he seems to be a bit all-or-nothing from a tackling standpoint. We've read about him making some big hits, and we've read about him missing a couple of tackles that resulted in big gains. That's not going to fly on a secondary known mostly for steadiness and semi-conservatism.

countrycal: Kenya is expected to be right in the middle of the competition for playing time at corner this year. At 6’0" and 200 pounds, Kenya is the biggest of the leading contenders, and he brings two years playing experience from junior college. I expect all four of these young men to get regular playing time throughout the year.

AlaTiger: I am excited to see what Kenya brings to the table. His size could be an asset if we play a team with really tall receivers, like whatever the 2014 equivalent of last year’s Tigers is. You have to assume that he’ll have a leg up on the freshmen in earning playing time.

The Beef: The size could be the difference, as it will give him 15 pounds on the also 6’0 Gibson. I certainly believe he will play, but how much he plays will be of interest.

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Logan Cheadle

5'10, 175, Fr.

Bill C.: We've read some variation of "Wow, is this group athletic" in regard to this trio of freshman cornerbacks all August. If one of these three is going to play, it's probably Cheadle, who got a head start by reporting early for spring ball, but along with its two sophomore starters, Mizzou's just got loads of upside and 2015-16 potential at CB. A few 2014 growing pains should pay off.

countrycal: Logan may have helped himself coming in early and getting spring game practice. With three freshman cornerbacks coming in this year, it is always possible one may get playing time on the special teams. Otherwise, they will have to be very good: read that, ready to start: in order to avoid the redshirt this year.

switzy227: If a freshman is going to play for this squad, it’s probably Cheadle.

CapnCribbs: When can we get Don Cheadle to Columbia?

The Beef: And thus starts the 4-5 year attempt of getting Don Cheadle to come to tailgate with us. That said, Logan has evidently done nothing but impress since he arrived in January. It will be interesting to see how his season goes and if he will get a redshirt as the year starts, or if he will give the coaches enough pause to think about it.

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Raymond Wingo

6'0, 175, Fr.

countrycal: See above discussion for Logan Cheadle.

AlaTiger: I’m glad he came to Mizzou instead of heading south to Arkansas like his older brother. It will be interesting to see which of the freshmen corners, if any, see the field this year.

CapnCribbs: Extremely athletic, the potential for Wingo is high. I think he is more valuable than a lot of people expect. I was very excited when he chose Mizzou over Arkansas, but I’m more excited to see him actually spend some time on the field.

The Beef: Will be interesting to me to see if he makes his first impact for the Tigers in the defensive backfield or somewhere else on the field (special teams perhaps). That said, I don't expect to see that impact until at least 2015.

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Finis Stribling IV

5'11, 180, Fr.

countrycal: See above discussion for Logan Cheadle.

The Beef: Stribling IV would look awesome on the back of a jersey I think.

Bill C.: I love getting the track stars.

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