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2014 Missouri Walkthrough: Brinser was strong in 2013, with a small October glitch

Aside from a bit of an October glitch, Christian Brinser was a strong, steady punter for Missouri in 2013.

Bill Carter

Christian Brinser

6'2, 200, Sr.

2013: 68 punts, 41.0 average, 6 touchbacks, 16 fair catches, 26 inside the 20

Bill C.: In replacing Trey Barrow with Christian Brinser, Mizzou fell from 32nd in Brian Fremeau's Punt Efficiency measure to 47th. Most of that drop-off occurred in October, when, like Andrew Baggett, Brinser hit a bit of a slump. After averaging a booming 43.6 yards per kick in the first four games, Brinser averaged only 37.6 in the next four, bottoming out with a 33.7 average in seven punts against South Carolina (30.3 after his first kick).

Like Baggett, however, he also finished strong, averaging 42.0 yards in his last six games (42.7 against Auburn and OSU). This is obviously a good sign moving forward -- he was a good to very good punter for about two-thirds of the year. So uh, let's see more of that in 2014, I guess. #analysis

BST: Brinser averaged 41.0 yards per punt last year with 26 punts that pinned the opponent inside their own 20. This will be his second year starting, and I hope to see solid improvement.

The Beef: I don’t really remember where Brinser was amazing or awful, and I have certainly seen both when it comes to Mizzou punters over the years. As a senior and someone who has been through the wars, I don’t feel like Brinser will let us down this season when we call on his services.

countrycal: Christian was quite adept at dropping the ball close to the goal line if I remember correctly, and could boom the ball if distance was needed. The kicking game this year should be very consistent and more than adequate.

AlaTiger: Consistently solid is what I like to see in a punter, and Brinser fits the bill.

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