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Rest in peace, Bill Carter

So we're looking for more information, and when we find it, we'll post it here ... but it appears that Bill Carter passed away today. That's what we're gathering from Facebook. It was as sudden as could be -- he was posting his ice bucket challenge video just yesterday, and he was apparently on a jog today.

For those who are newer to the site, Bill has been taking pictures for Rock M Nation since around 2008, and his galleries are the best you'll ever find. He voluntarily took photos at our wedding nine years ago, and he's been a friend of mine, Seth's, Jamie's, etc., for nearly 15 years now. He was one of a kind. Our hearts are broken.

While we search for more information, I encourage you to turn this post into a celebration thread. He was more than Mizzou photos -- he was ridiculously proud of his enormous family -- but for now, let's celebrate what Mizzou meant to him and what he meant to both Mizzou and Rock M Nation. Post your favorite Bill Carter pictures in comments below. These are mine.

We love you, and we'll miss you, Bill.