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Rock M Roll Call: The 2014 Edition

It's the beginning of Rock M Nation's calendar year and as such, it is time for all of us to get to know each other a little better through the magic of questions and answers!

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

With the first game of the football season coming this weekend this officially marks the beginning of the Rock M Nation year and it's time we all got reacquainted with each other, we welcomed new members to the fold and shared some intimate thoughts on food and sports.

As in year's past we look forward to hearing all about you, but this year we're also giving you the option of adding a photo of yourself (if you so desire) for when you meet your new internet friends in person and you don't have to do that weird or awkward look around the room/bar/tailgate where you pretend you're not actually looking for the person you're looking for.

Props to fellow DC native RPT for putting this all together in previous years, which you can navigate to here:


With all that said, to the questions!

1) What's your connection to Mizzou?  Fan, alum, fan by marriage/relationship, parent of a current Tiger?  Give us details.

2) How did you make your way to Rock M Nation?

3) If Mizzou could play anyone in any location (any sport, any venue, any country, any boat, etc) what would be your dream scenario?

4) In the eternal dessert battle whose standard will you carry onto the field of pastry battle, that of cake or that of pie?

5) What is the oldest piece of Mizzou paraphernalia you own?

6) Not including Kansas, what non conference team would you like to see Mizzou play in every sport annually?

7) What is the significance of your Rock M Nation handle, if it has any?

8) What was your favorite memory from the 2013 football season?

9) What do you predict to be Mizzou's final Football record this year, both from your head and your black and gold heart?

Thanks for participating, feel free to leave a photo of yourself (follow this link to learn how) and let's all get to know each other just a little better!