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Pregamin' South Dakota State

Welcome to the very first edition of Pregamin'! We'll be priming ourselves for every game by getting TANKED on information. Imbibe with us, won't you?

Who's got first round?
Who's got first round?
Jack Peglow


WHO: Missouri Tigers vs. South Dakota State Jackrabbits


WHEN: Saturday, August 30 – 2:30pm CST

WHERE: Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium. Columbia, Mo.

TAILGATE: Youbetcha!


(of the useless variety)

  • 28 Jackrabbits have been drafted to the NFL.
  • Jim Langer is the only SDSU alumnus – and the only North Central Conference football player – to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  • Coughlin-Alumni Stadium is named after Charles Coughlin, the man that gifted his alma mater this phallic monument.
  • Former Tiger Jon Sundvold's brother Bob – current head basketball coach of the UMSL Tritons – is a Jackrabbit.


Programming note: Wondering who will be in next week's ~ T R U L Y  S O C I A L ~ Pregamin' segment? Well guess what, its you! Tweet us your predictions, useless stats, photoshops, trivia, shout-outs, and anything else that strikes your fancy, and we'll feature your #content in the post!


Who's a breakout player to watch out for?

Jack Peglow: The combination of SDSU's inexperience at the defensive line and linebacker position should equal big days for Russell Hansbrough and Marcus Murphy. Especially given how adamant Pinks has been about getting Murph Derrty the ball.

Fullback U: Russell Hansbrough

The Beef: Gotta be a WR, since any of them would be breaking out as a starter.

tigers and chiefs fan: Cortland Browning is going to turn some heads.

HHKB Chris: Charles Harris, he's gonna be in involved in a strip/sack TO THE HOUSE TD mid second quarter and there will be much rejoicing.

Cribbs: Breakout player to look for has gotta bee Aarion Penton. I think he showed flashes of being more than a solid replacement for Gaines last year, and with more playing time I think he gets Mizzou fans excited about our secondary.

Sam Snelling: For breakout I'm going to go with Morgan Steward, or if he doesn't play much, Trevon Walters. That kids got MOXIE! #basketballannouncerreferences

What's one WILD prediction you have for the game?

Peglow: Eddie Printz will have a better stat-line than Maty Mauk.

FBU: Mizzou will not cover the spread

Beef: A QB sack will be picked up and brought back for a TD in the 3rd quarter.

T&CF: We are not comfortable until the fourth quarter.

HHKB: Marcus Murphy has a TD reception, TD run and return, you said wild, there's the wild.

Cribbs: My wild prediction is that Mauk will throw a couple of picks that make Mizzou fans question his ability as our QB. I think he comes back and has a big game in the end, but I kind of expect a slow start for some reason. (All of that said, I still think he will be one of the best QBs in the SEC.)

Snelling: 1 wild prediction is that after the first quarter most Mizzou fans will be panicking because we will be tied, like 7-7 or something. Oh wait, that's not wild. That's almost certain to happen (well the fans panicking at least). How about Donavin Newsom gets a pick 6?

Can you name one former Jackrabbit football player?

Peglow: Vinatieri.

FBU: Adam Vinatieri

Beef: Marshall Faulk

T&CF: No

HHKB: Nope!  So I'm guessing Tim Harris since he wore yellow and green at one point I think.

Cribbs: L'Carpetron Dookmarriot.

Snelling: I've been hoping that our resident Dolphin fan would chime in with perhaps the SDSU's all-time great Jim Langer who played for NINE seasons with the Dolphins through the 70s

General thoughts on the game?

Peglow: Go read Anthrascience, yo. Laid it all out with SCIENCE.

switzy227: 3W's:
1. Watch for: Mizzou's shaky offense production during scrimmages during camp, coupled with an overmatched opponent, should mean an abundance of confidence building in the opener. Ruscus Hansbrurphy should see plenty of opportunities to rack up yards and Maty Mauk will be asked to scale back on the rocket arm and complete some short routes. This is the schedule's biggest guarantee game, and OC Josh Henson will be hoping to keep things simple and successful.
2. Worry about: Injuries are the biggest worry in games like this, so where it's possible to insert the backups, we should see it. Of course, if an upset rears it's head, that could not only cause havoc to the rotation, but increase the injury risk.
3. wHope for: Mizzou's green receiving corps to flash and ease some of the fanbase's fears, the young cornerbacks to hold back a tested offense, and Andrew Baggett to kick every football he sees straight through the uprights - regardless of whether it's on a tee or held by a teammate.

AlaTiger: While everyone wants to see a giant can of whoopass opened up on the Jackrabbits early on, followed by a trip behind the woodshed, which is then followed by third stringers running rampant in the third quarter, things rarely work out that way in games like this. Even if the final score ends up being impressive, the road to that final score probably won't make some fans happy.
I'd really like to see a dominant performance by the defense against a fairly stout FCS offense with a quality RB. Conversely, the questionable Jackrabbit defense should give the offense plenty of opportunity to work out the kinks displayed during the three scrimmages. If that results in starters sitting midway through the third quarter, that would be fine by me.

Snelling: First of all, it's just a big relief to be able to watch football (and to answer your question... No, it's not ONLY because it gets us closer to basketball season!). I feel like this has been the longest offseason despite the fact that we've had so many things (great and terrible) to distract us from the lack of games being played. That relief will turn to anxiety probably shortly after lunch time on Saturday as I start to go through my normal worrying phase. Once the ball is kicked off I'll start feeling better, and some adult beverages usually aide in that. Here is what I'm looking forward to seeing come game time:

  • I'm looking forward to seeing the defensive line attack the undermanned SDSU offense, specifically the backups Loud and Harris. I'm excited to see them play.
  • I'm looking forward to seeing MANSBRO run wild all over the field before giving way to a freshmen. Then RUN ISH RUN!
  • I'm looking forward to seeing the offense hopefully complete a few passes. To be specific I'm curious to see if Maty Mauk has improved on his short passing game. I'm also hoping "Money Season" is more than just a cool catch phrase Darius White came up with.
  • I'm looking forward to watching Donavin Newsom play football. I'm excited about this kid in a lot of ways.

I can't say that I'm worried about this game at all. I'm sure there will be some runs from SDSU that will make me mad in the moment, but at the end of the game Mizzou should win handily. I'm not looking forward to around 5:30 on Saturday when I realize I have to wait another week to watch football.


Every week, the masthead will be picking speads and O/U's for a select few games. We'll keep a running tally of their progress, and eventually crown a champion. This week's games – and the lines we bet on – are:

A&M vs South Carolina

TA&M: -115
SC: -105
58 O/U

Boise vs. Ole Miss
BSU: -105
MISS: -115
53 O/U

Clemson vs. UGA
CLEM: -120
UGA: 100
57.5 O/U

Wisconsin vs. LSU
WIS: -115
LSU: -105
50 O/U

Utah St. vs. UT
USU: -110
TENN: -110
51.5 O/U

And here are our EXPERT picks:

Name Spread Picks O/U Picks
The Beef South Carolina, Ole Miss, Clemson, LSU, Utah St. Under, Over, Over, Under, Over
Peglow South Carolina, Ole Miss, Clemson, LSU, Utah St. Under, Over, Over, Over, Over
BillSelfsToupee South Carolina, Ole Miss, Georgia, LSU, Utah St. Under, Under, Under, Under, Over
HHKB South Carolina, Ole Miss, Georgia, Wisconsin, Utah St.

Under, Over, Under, Under, Under

ArmyofMike South Carolina, Boise St., Clemson, LSU, Tennessee Under, Over, Over, Under, Over

Have any input? Ideas on how we could improve next week's Pregamin'? Ideas for new segments? Let us know! This is the party before the party, we want you to have a good time!