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2014 Missouri Walkthrough: Targets available for Moore, Otte, and Leftwich

With the unexpected departures of Dorial Green-Beckham and (via suspension) Levi Copelin, there are catches available for at least one of the returning trio of J'Mon Moore, Gavin Otte, and Wesley Leftwich.


J’Mon Moore

6'3, 190, RSFr.

Bill C.: J'Mon Moore was the prototypical commits-to-Mizzou-early-then-fends-off-interest-from-others recruit; he committed to Mizzou in April 2012 and maintained his commitment despite Mizzou's shaky 2012 season and offers from Miami, Michigan State, Nebraska, and Oklahoma State. That seemed like a pretty big deal at the time, and with the attrition at the position for 2014, it seems like an even bigger deal now. Moore has filled out pretty well physically, and he certainly looks the part. Now, with the unexpected departures of Dorial Green-Beckham and (via suspension) Levi Copelin, there's playing time available. Go seize it, J'Mon, and don't wait around; there are quite a few true freshmen looking to pass you.

The Beef: There was some discussion last season that Moore was having such a decent summer camp that he could press for time. That time never came, and I don’t think that is much of a surprise given the number of targets we had on the field last year. Moore was one of the higher rated recruits of the 2013 class, and while he was listed at 6’3, 175 when he signed, he now is listed at 190. His name will be one I pay a lot of attention to once the stretching lines form and we get a sense for depth chart positioning.

countrycal: From time to time, mention of J’Mon’s name came up last year with hints of how good a receiver he could become. This year would be a great time for those hints to become realities. He has the size, speed, and history to step in as a redshirt freshman and immediately become both the future and the present for the Tigers. There will surely be more playing time this year than last for names farther down the depth chart. J’Mon seems to be one who should benefit from that extra playing time.

AlaTiger: Mizzou really needs Moore to step up this year. He could be the field stretcher that every offense needs.

wooderson: men or mojo

Gavin Otte

5'10, 200, Sr.

The Beef: This name has become something of a practice legend in some corners of Mizzou internet fandom, but it really will be interesting to see if that translates to the field at all this season or not. A few seasons ago, the Tigers had Brandon Gerau, who would go up over the middle, get absolutely assassinated, but come down with the ball nonetheless. Evidently, Otte is similar in that he comes down with the ball no matter what. Certainly, the Faurot crowd is always appreciative of that sort of effort, so here’s to hoping the senior from Rolla can earn that applause a time or two this season.

Bill C.: If Maty Mauk is looking to utilize possession guys, then Otte could benefit from that. Jimmie Hunt's name will be the first one called in that regard, but Otte could carve out a 10- to 30-catch niche if given the opportunity.

countrycal: Like The Beef, Brandon Gerau’s name immediately came to mind when considering the contributions to Mizzou from senior walk-on wide receiver Gavin Otte. If Gavin gets the opportunity, I think he can be a productive member of the squad. The man simply knows how to go into a crowd and come away with the ball. There are always times in a game when one needs someone like that whom the quarterback trusts completely. I would never cringe to hear an announcer state that Otte was the target.

AlaTiger: Another tool every team needs is a man who will catch everything thrown his way no matter what. In addition to Gerau, you can look back to Tommy Saunders as an example of what Otte could be for this team.

wooderson: giant veto, gave no tit, vitae tong

Wesley Leftwich

6'1, 200, Jr.

The Beef: Is Leftwich the fastest of this group? I suppose it is possible, as that is all we heard about with him coming out of Hickman from a few seasons ago. He’s yet to be able to crack into the rotation, though he did time in three game last season (Murray State, Arkansas State and Kentucky). His name has always been very lightly in the conversation when it comes to special teams, so perhaps that is where he sees some time this year. Otherwise, I assume we will see his name a little bit more this year and he might grab a handful of balls.

countrycal: If Ashton Glaser was the Tiger quarterback this year, I would immediately predict three or four long touchdown receptions by Wesley Leftwich. The two just seemed to have unbelievable connectivity. I see in Maty Mauk the same willingness as Glaser to just turn it loose once or twice every game. If he does, I would not at all complain if I saw Wesley streaking down the sidelines ala Mel Gray (another 1969 reference: if you don’t like it, Get Off My Lawn!).

Bill C.: You're running out of time, Wes. Now would be a great time to string together some fantastic practices.

AlaTiger: Whether it is hands, blocking, or route running precision, something is limiting Leftwich’s role in the offense. Here’s to him correcting whatever that is.

wooderson: flywheels twice, chews life wetly