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2014 Missouri Walkthrough: Opportunity, potential abound for freshman receivers

Come on, come all. Missouri signed a lot of freshman receivers in 2014, and thanks to attrition, there's playing time available.

Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

Nate Brown

6'3, 205, Fr.

Bill C.: One day into fall camp, and they're already raving about this guy. Yeah, I'll be shocked if he doesn't see the field and do some damage in 2014.

The Beef: With J’Mon Moore, here is the other name I will be paying the more attention to this summer when I read about depth charts and all things WR. Brown has the size you like from a measurable standpoint, and was very highly recruited out of the state of Georgia. he committed to the Tigers pretty early in the process last year, and MU was able to hold off the homestate school and others to retain his services. Brown was one of the top-50 WR recruits in the nation last season and is the name most expect (and/or hope) to see breaking the two-deep as a frosh. For a team who likes to spread the ball around to a number of targets, it could be very important for at least one name to step forward out of this group of true frosh. Brown’s name exists at the top of most people’s lists as the favorite to do so.

countrycal: Since the beginning of his recruitment, Nate Brown has seemed to do everything right to become one of the next great receivers at Mizzou. Like The Beef, he and J’Mon Moore are my picks as freshmen who may get significant action at wide receiver this year. It would certainly be great to see major contributions from the younger group, and would set the groundwork for a successful receiving crew for years to come.


The future is wide open
Can Brown deliver?

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Lawrence Lee

5'11, 175, Fr.

The Beef: On the smaller side of the measurable spectrum (5’10, 167 per Rivals), this is someone who may benefit from a season in the weight room before stepping on to the field. His speed seems to be very good, so I think he is someone we see down the road, Just not sure it will be this season.

countrycal: I can’t help but believe he will redshirt this year. If I’m wrong, great.

Bill C.: There's a chance you're wrong, cal! (But probably not.) If Lee proves physically ready for the SEC in 2014, his uniqueness and elusiveness could get him on the field. We know Missouri has been trying to recruit more slot receivers, and we know he's just about the only natural one on the roster. If he's ready, he'll have a shot.

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DeSean Blair

6'2, 185, Fr.

The Beef: Like Lee, he comes from the state of Florida, and now is our tallest WR on the squad at 6’4. At only 180, he too may be slated for a season under the supervision of Pat Ivey, but this was someone who had a number of solid regional and national offers before selecting MU. Would I be surprised to read his name in a few weeks as someone who might be looking to break out? Not really, as I think he is #2 behind Brown to do so of the true frosh.

countrycal: DeSean is the third freshman I anticipate will be seriously contending for starting roles next year. That being the case, I suspect he will get some opportunities this year in one way or the other. With only two potential upperclassmen on the wide receiver corps next year, I have to believe there will be some effort made to get some experience for at least three of this year’s crop of redshirt and true freshmen.

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Thomas Richard

6'0, 190, Fr.

The Beef: One of two recruits out of Nashville, Richard seemed to be a jack of all trades for his high school (as rated recruits tend to be). More to the medium-size for WR’s (6’1, 190), Richard was excited to be joining Mizzou because of our air attack. He is someone I look forward to reading about, but I feel like the red shirt is in his future this season.

countrycal: Not really sure what it was that gave me this impression, but there is something in my way of looking at things during recruitment that suggested to me Richard might get used on special teams this year. If so, that is just more game experience for this group of youngsters.

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Keyon Dilosa

6'3, 190, Fr.

The Beef: If anyone screams "diamond in the rough" in this class, it is likely Dilosa. Good size (6’3, 196) and speed (4.55), Dilosa WILL miss the season due to a leg injury. To me, that means the clock on his timetable for contributing is pushed back a year, so I would not be surprised to hear about him also (functionally) redshirting in 2015 as well. But if he is what I hope he will be, 2016 could be an interesting year and I hope he perseveres to be around and successful.

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