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2014 Missouri Walkthrough: Another year, another opportunity for Sean Culkin

Bill Carter

Sean Culkin

6'6, 245, So.

2013: 2 targets, 1 catch, 6 yards

Bill C.: An injury supposedly prevented him from seeing the field as a true freshman, and nagging injuries (along with Eric Waters' superior blocking) prevented him from seeing it much as a redshirt freshman. With "How the hell is Missouri going to use the tight ends?" a serious question for the second straight year, Culkin gets another chance to break through. We think.

The Beef: I will admit to being pretty surprised that Culkin did not play a bigger role in the offense last season. After hearing about how he was doing as a true frosh two years ago before his injury, I figured he would break out last season. And again, not that our offense hurt for his lack of productivity, it was just a little curious. I have heard that while Henson did want to get the TE’s more involved before the season started, he adjusted to having them keep more of a blocking responsibility. If that is the case, and the running game is the proof, clearly the right decision was made. But in a season where the Tiger passing game is in search for more targets, I really do expect Culkin to have more of a role this time around.

countrycal: It seems like we have been talking about Sean Culkin’s potential for several years, yet he is just a redshirt sophomore. Well, the potential is still there coupled with a much bigger body and some game-time experience. With a less deliberate quarterback in 2014, the coaching staff may not need as much extra blocking from the tight end: an opportunity for us to finally see some of the pass catching and downfield running potential of Sean Culkin. I really think the coaching staff intended to incorporate the tight end into the passing game last year, but just found a combination early in the season that worked and stayed with it. [Is it possible we might also someday see a fullback show up on the field for the Tigers? Naw, fagetaboutit.] Looking forward to seeing Sean filling the seam in the middle of the field in such a way that requires extra attention.


Injury bad luck
Held back by split ends and blocks
Will explode on field now

wooderson: insane luck, anus nickel

Bill C.: This is only the beginning of some PG-13 tight end anagrams.