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2014 Missouri Walkthrough: Who's the No. 2 tight end?

Missouri tight ends are a mystery this year, but Jason Reese could carve out a niche as a pass-catcher, and Clayton Echard will likely still serve as the occasional third tackle.

Bill Carter

Jason Reese

6'5, 240, RSFr.

The Beef: Listed as 6’4, 220 on his rivals bio, now has him on the depth chart at 6’5, 240. They also (before the spring began) had him behind Clayton Echard. I think Echard will certainly have a role to play on the offense this year, but I expect Reese to be in the mix as well, likely has more of a pass catcher than run blocker.

Bill C.: One problem with seeing the spring game (and basically only the spring game): they create drastically inaccurate impressions. Reese had a bad drop in the Black & Gold Game, one that I think resulted in an interception, and now in my head I can't shake the idea that he's got bad hands. Totally unfair, and yet here we are.

At 6'5, 240, Reese still looks pretty long and lean, like he'll be 255 or so when his eligibility is up. His playing time could be dependent on the role of tight ends -- we know from last year's experience that Clayton Echard could/will see time as a sixth lineman when the situation requires. And I assume Reese will actually catch passes if given the opportunity.

countrycal: Jason definitely bulked up during his redshirt season, giving the Tigers two strong underclassmen tight ends with good potential as either passing targets or run blockers. The coaches definitely have the luxury now of working each to get the best from the position.

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Clayton Echard

6'4, 255, Jr.

The Beef: Do you know Clayton Echard saw action in 12 of 14 games last season? (missing Vandy and Ole Miss). Echard, in my estimation, is not terribly likely to see a pass catching chance this season, but I do believe he will be someone who plays in all 14 games. I think he is a big part of our jumbo packages and redzone pieces.

countrycal: With walk-on Clayton Echard, the Tigers did not have to burn Reese’s redshirt last year, giving stability and depth for years to come at the position. Echard proved his worth stepping when it was time to put the hand on the ground and do some serious run blocking. He is there to continue supplying that possibility, making the team that much stronger and more flexible.

AlaTiger: Exhibit A for tight end as third tackle.

Bill C.: And apparently a pretty good third tackle at that.

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Kendall Blanton

6'7, 230, Fr.

The Beef: Total athlete, but a work in progress is what I believe Blanton will be, so therefore I don’t think we see his name at all this coming season. Very raw, but very intriguing for seasons to come.

countrycal: I can’t imagine a scenario in which Kendall doesn’t redshirt this year.

AlaTiger: And neither can I.

Bill C.: A redshirt is still probable, but he's apparently made some waves in the first two days of practice. We'll see how much of the "raw athlete" tag he can shed in the next three weeks. Lord knows his size is tantalizing.

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