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Mizzou's Greatest, #8: The 2013 football season

We're finally in a place where we can finish the Greatest countdown. But first, as a lead-in, let's #evergreen the top 10 again. Next up: the season that bucked more narratives than you can count.

Bill Carter

I really don't know what to say about this season that hasn't already been said. We have an entire hub about it, after all. But while the 2007 season, which also finished with 12 wins and a top-5 finish, has already been listed on this countdown, 2013 makes it a little bit higher because of the stories. There were just so damn many of them.

Henry Josey's comeback.

L'Damian Washington as not only human-interest story but also captain.

Michael Sam, two-star All-American.

James Franklin's redemption.

Gary Pinkel's redemption.

Dorial Green-Beckham beginning to realize his potential.

Max Copeland.

The new offensive coordinator pushing the right buttons.

The "Y'all just aren't ready to compete in the SEC" narrative.

What was your favorite?

And while we're at it, what was your favorite on-the-field moment? Henry Josey's long "I'm baaaack" touchdown against Murray State?

Markus Golden's shove-and-score interception against Toledo?

Kony Ealy's leaping pick six against Indiana?

Michael Sam's three sack dances against [insert opponent here: Arkansas State, Vanderbilt, Florida].

Shane Ray's sack-and-strip and Michael Sam's touchdown against Georgia?

Sasser-to-Washington between the hedges?

The Gator chomp?

L'Damian Washington's 96-yarder against South Carolina, which sent Faurot to 11 on the 1-to-10 apeshit scale?

DGB's four touchdowns against Kentucky?

The blocked field goal against Ole Miss?

E.J. Gaines eating Mike Evans' lunch?

Josey's East-clinching score against A&M?

Marcus Murphy's go-ahead, holy-crap-we-might-win-this touchdown in the third quarter against Auburn?

Josey's three scores against OSU?

Michael Sam's sack-and-strip and Shane Ray's touchdown against OSU?

That so many players made so many plays took a special season to a different level. And if you can name your favorite moments and stories, you're better than I am. Damned if I can't choose between them. Good thing I don't have to.