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2014 Missouri Walkthrough: McGovern's quickness will be tested by the move outside

Connor McGovern went from reserve in 2012 to difference-maker in 2013. How will he fare in moving from right guard to right tackle?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Connor McGovern

6'4, 310, Jr.

2013: 14 starts

The Beef: Another lineman well on his way to being an eventual three-year starter, McGovern is stupid strong and a fan of facial hair. McGovern slides into the RT position after Morse moves over from there to the left side. I’d be concerned about so many people at new positions, but Gray Pinkel and company have long said the work to play the best OL regardless of position (for the most part). It will be interesting to see if McGovern goes from the right side to the left side in 2015, giving him three years at three different spots on the line.

Bill C.: Last offseason, I was struggling to make the numbers add up. I trusted Justin Britt, Evan Boehm, and Mitch Morse, and I thought Max Copeland could be a decent cog with enough talent around him. But among the returnees who played in 2012, only center Brad McNulty was left after that. Boehm moved to center, in part because he was good at it, and in part because, after not really seeing the field as a redshirt freshman, McGovern exploded. His emergence in 2013 made perhaps the biggest difference in Missouri's line going from awful to excellent. He's not the tallest guy in the world for a tackle prototype, but he's clearly one of Missouri's five best linemen. We'll see if his quickness works at tackle like his girth worked at guard. No particular reason to doubt him.

countrycal: Another offensive lineman with a lot of experience and quality output. This kid is big, strong and smart with two productive years under his belt and still two to go. Teaming Connor with Morse on the outside, Maty should have plenty of pocket from which to find open receivers, or open running room for the three-headed running back.

AlaTiger: I’m not worried about McGovern sliding out to tackle, as this is an off-season move. I am far more worried about in-season switches caused by injuries. So, let’s not have any of those this year.

wooderson: no veg mr corn con