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2014 Missouri Walkthrough: Backup tackles Chappell and Rhodes held in high regard

Taylor Chappell and Clay Rhodes entered fall camp as the top backups at the tackle position. Both have drawn acclaim from coaches in the past, and both are trying to position themselves for a starting role in 2015.

Bill Carter

Taylor Chappell

6'5, 300, Jr.

The Beef: Currently listed as the backup at LT, I think you can very easily count Chappell inside the group of players who will see time in most/all games as part of the larger rotation. I really thought he would be at RT for this season with Rhodes at LT, so the fact they have switched (at least in my head) could start to tip what the plans are for seasons to come, as Morse graduates after this season. Perhaps Chappell's path to being a starter next season has been laid out, though I think this is someone who could move around as required (as I also perceive McNulty). All that means he should serve us well both this season and next season.

countrycal: Taylor may well find himself as one of the first two offensive linemen to get rotated into action this year. After a knee injury (in 2012, of course) his freshman year, Taylor saw some game action last year. At 6’5" and 300 pounds, the Academic Honor Roll recipient already has the look of a top quality tackle in the mold of many who have been there before.

Bill C.: Chappell might become this year's Anthony Gatti, the guy who fills in for an injured starter here and there, then slides into the starting lineup as a senior. Of course, that plan sounds just fine, but he'll have to fend off quite a few youngsters to retain his understudy role.

(And oh, what could have been. If he had avoided the knee injury in 2012 while everybody else was getting hurt, he could have seen rather extensive playing time and staked a claim to a starting role already.)

AlaTiger: I am less concerned with who plays what side than The Beef, but the future at tackle looks promising regardless.

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Clay Rhodes

6'5, 290, RSFr.

The Beef: This is the offensive lineman I am most curious about. Rhodes came in with solid acclaim and evidently is quite the workout warrior. I mentioned my curiosity about whether Connor McGovern would move to LT after this year, and I think that is possible, but it is not the move I am hoping for. My hope is that Rhodes sees time in most/all games this season, then settles into that position for the rest of his MU career. I think McGovern is not perfectly suited to play over there, and I expect Rhodes to get bigger and better. While I was surprised to see him slotted in at RT and not LT for now, I expect he will get a little bit of time behind McGovern and perhaps start working towards a long, starting career on one of the offensive end-line positions.

countrycal: Clay looks to be in the two-deep rotation based on his play this spring. He is still a little shy in the bulk department at 6’5", 290 pounds but shows the ability to be able to play the tackle position. I have to believe he will see a lot of action this year stepping into one or the other of the tackle positions as the starters need breathers.

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