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2014 Missouri Walkthrough: Gatti has walked a long road to the starting lineup

Five years after he committed to Missouri, Anthony Gatti entered fall camp on the first string for a defending top-five team.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Gatti

6'6, 315, Sr.

The Beef: Long thought to have a good deal of potential, Gatti experienced injury after injury for much of his career. He finally was able to stay healthy last season, supplanting Max Copeland from time to time and seeing action in 11 games. This season, he is presumed to be the starter at left guard, taking over for Copeland and stepping in to hopefully play the full season he certainly deserved from all his setbacks.

countrycal: Anthony may not replace Max Copeland as a fire-starter and rock star, but the 6’6", 315-pound senior should be even better than Max at the left guard position, giving Mauk plenty of protection and/or running room on the back side. Gatti is large, mobile and an experienced veteran who can only help make the foundation of the Tiger offense as strong as ever.

Bill C.: Five years is a long time. According to Rivals, Anthony Gatti committed to Missouri in July 2009. He injured his knee in 2011. He made his way to the second string in 2013, and he'll be a starter in 2014. When you're getting offers from BCS programs, you're probably envisioning a four-year starting role and accolades and whatnot. Sometimes patience separates one great athlete from another one; Gatti's been forced to prove his patience, and hopefully it pays off for both him and Missouri in 2014.

wooderson: giant natty ho, tiny tango hat, taint ya thong

Bill C.: PG-13.

AlaTiger: Three top-notch anagrams for Gatti there. And I’ll agree that Gatti is likely an upgrade to Copeland in talent, if not rock’n’roll spirit and physics knowledge.