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2014 Missouri Walkthrough: Interior second string has been around the block

Missouri fell victim to a thin, inexperienced two-deep at offensive line in 2012. In 2014, experienced interior linemen like Brad McNulty, Jordan Williams, and Stephen Carberry could help to prevent a collapse in the wake of injuries.

Bill Carter

Brad McNulty

6'4, 300, Jr.

2012: 5 career starts

The Beef: McNulty moved to center before the 2012 season, and that move paid off as he was pressed into action with five starts. He backed up Boehm last year, and remains in that role coming into this season. I suppose I would be curious if McNulty would move out of that role if injury or play dictate, but for now, he provides a pretty nice security blanket for the Tigers at center.

Bill C.: McNulty wasn't quite ready to thrive, and while I know he played a little bit of guard last year, he was obviously a step behind Gatti, Hall, and the other guards this spring. He still has two years to become a key contributor, however, and he got a pretty clear glimpse of his weaknesses (or opportunities for improvement, if we're using happy business speak) in 2012, and he's had a chance to address them. Regardless, McNulty's exactly the kind of guy Missouri didn't have enough of in 2012 -- an upperclassman with seasoning.

countrycal: The first man off the bench for the O-line is also experienced at the most important position: the center. As The Beef said, that is good security. In addition to his experience making the exchange from center, Brad has demonstrated he can function adequately at any line position. This is the last offensive lineman with a lot of experience, however, leaving the rest of the O-line depth chart with a lot of promise, but little experience. Hopefully, as the season progresses, the staff will rotate in the more promising younger linemen to prevent any chance of another 2012 situation. In this very important team component, we simply cannot have too much experience.

AlaTiger: McNulty experienced a baptism by fire in 2012. That shared experience, as painful as it was at times, served to forge Mizzou’s upperclassmen linemen into the solid unit they are today.

wooderson: mad blunt cry, dry clam bunt

Jordan Williams

6'3, 295, So.

The Beef: Williams saw a little time back up Britt last season at LT but has now been moved inside and will back up Gatti at LG. You would love to see Williams take to the move very quickly, as Gatti is a senior, and Williams could cement himself as the starter to come. Or, someone like Taylor Chappell or Brad McNulty perhaps find a way into that role next season. I imagine we will get some of our answer based on how much Williams factors into the rotation, which, with him, would be potentially nine-deep. (I’d be excited to see it work out this way ... would love the experience everyone would get setting us up for 2015.)

countrycal: Jordan didn’t see a lot of playing time backing up Justin Britt last year, but he should get his share of the two-deep rotation this year moving inside to back up the left guard position. At 6’3" and 295 pounds Jordan still has room to grow and, only a sophomore, he is there if needed with a lot of time left to make his name on the Mizzou line.

wooderson: admiral sin jowl, major wild snail

Stephen Carberry

6'5, 300, Sr.

The Beef: One of the few seniors in this group, and someone who certainly has been through the wars with the program and unit. Carberry saw the field in three games last season, pushing his career total to four. Here’s hoping he can see more time and receive the loud cheers on senior day which someone like him certainly deserve.

Bill C.: Walk-on makes good and earns a scholarship. We love those stories; we love them even more when the walk-on is 6'5, 300 pounds. Carberry was about 10th or 11th in the rotation last year, and if Gatti or Hall struggle or get hurt, he could pretty quickly become a contributor. Find the field and do well, and a good story becomes a great story.

countrycal: Stephen has had little action on the field during game time, but he has been a part of the system for four years. That is a special kind of experience and it may pay off this year with a shot at the final two-deep rotation at a guard position. Like The Beef, I would like to see this young man get some playing time to reward his hard work and leadership by example.

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