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2014 Missouri fall camp: Day 4 practice reports

Josh Augusta can lift a house, Ian Simon makes another transition, athletic freshman DBs are ahead of schedule, and Dave Steckel hates math.


The Trib: Berkstresser, Printz battle to be backup

"They’re a lot sharper with what we’re putting in," quarterbacks coach Andy Hill said. "Their feet are right, their thoughts are right and they’ve been throwing the ball well. I feel good about them. It’s a great competition there between the 2 and 3 spot, and both those guys are very capable of stepping in and playing.

"Corbin has got probably more of a gun. Eddie has good touch. Both guys are good throwers."

Berkstresser said Printz completes some passes in ways he cannot.

"Eddie can probably throw with a little more touch on the ball than I can," Berkstresser said. "He’s got an ability to put balls in places that I can’t. He’s got nice touch. He gets out of the pocket very well, better than I can. He’s able to dump over short, quick passes that a lot of times I miss or throw too hard. He’s got that type of finesse to him."

Receiving Corps

MUTIGERS.COM: Football Training Camp Report: Day Four

Mauk had a pass over the middle intended for senior WR Jimmie Hunt, but it was deflected into the air by junior FS Ian Simon.  Just when Simon looked like he'd make the interception, Hunt alertly grabbed the spinning ball with an over the shoulder catch to prevent the turnover and turn it into a five-yard gain...

Defensive Line

Post-Dispatch: Mizzou Camp Thursday Report

Augusta, the gargantuan sophomore tackle, is listed at 300 pounds — just like he was last year. That’s probably a modest number. But …

"Josh is in the best shape of his life," Kuligowski said. "He’s heavier than he was last year. He also put on 100 pounds on his bench (press). His quickness is up there. Right now, I think all the things you go through as a freshman, the second time you go through it, or the third time with spring ball, they start to click. Mentally, he’s even more sharp because it’s becoming more instinctive."

How much can Augusta bench press. More than 400 pounds, Kuligowski said.

"I don’t know," he added. "A lot."


The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Missouri Fall Camp Notes: The "Rotating the Line" edition

Steckel talked about Hickman grad Grant Jones going from playing "with his paw down" at defensive end and tight end to being an outside linebacker for the Tigers: "It's a learning curve for him. Kind of like with me and math."


PowerMizzou: Camp Notebook: 8/7

With three new starters in the secondary, Missouri is replacing experienced, departing talent with slightly less experienced potential. At safety, Ian Simon has moved back from the nickel position, where he played for most of the past two seasons. [...]

"I think it's been -- I wouldn't call it a seamless transition, because, again, most of his confidence came five yards from the line of scrimmage, now you're 12 and backing up, some of those things. Certainly some things he still needs to work on, but without question, from a confidence standpoint, when you're, call him a 14-game starter in a lot of ways last year depending on the offense we faced, a lot of confidence coming back."

Multimedia - Practice Close-Up - Sights & Sounds: Day 4

Mizzou Network: FALL CAMP: Four Horsemen Spotlight