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Epic Gary

Mizzou Network unearthed a fabulous commercial from Gary Pinkel's first season at Mizzou, and it was just BEGGING to be GIF'd.

Mizzou Network/YouTube

If you haven't watched this commercial yet, drop everything you're doing and fix that right now. Go. Seriously, right now. Watch it a few times, actually. Really get up in there.

Ugh, it's so good. The music, the ambiance, the mise-en-scène, it all combines to create a work of art unlike anything we have experienced. Gary Pinkel – a decent college football coach – knocks his role out of the park. Just look at that composure.

So stoic. So intense. The only thing that could make the intro better would be to class the joint up a bit. How, you ask? Well, like so:

Much better.

The commercial then shifts to a pensive Pinkel strolling across Faurot.

He pauses his relaxing walk and looks up to the sky, as if to ask the universe a question. What is it you're festering on, Gary?

Awww, what a softy. We miss Henry Josey too, Gary.

The next cut gives us an establishing shot of Memorial Stadium, and Pinkel is nowhere to be seen. Where are you, Gary?

Ah, there you are being superimposed dramatically over the shot. Ol' Pinks doesn't look too happy though.

Is that a single tear we see? Has Pinkel just witnessed something beautiful, or something shockingly sad? I suppose we'll never truly know.

The next cut takes us back to the field, where Gary has resumed his slow-motion walk.

Perhaps there is more motive to this stroll than we originally thought. It could be that Pinkel thinks best whilst in motion, or maybe he just wants to get some exercise.


Exercise it is!

In this final shot (worth GIF'ing), we're given an awkward angle to view Pinkel as he surveys his domain.

Honestly, it's a bit boring. So boring, in fact, that I took some creative liberties with it.

"Everything the light touches will have access to the SEC Network."

As fantastic as this commercial is, it brings about an equally sad realization: there are no more commercials like this on the air today. It's a shame. A damn shame. If there are any members of the agency that handles Mizzou's creative efforts (HA!), please bring this back. PLEASE.

We may never get another advertisement like this again, but at least we'll always have the original. It's with us forever thanks to the magical wizardry that is YouTube. It certainly is a great time to be a Tiger.