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Mizzou Links: Maty Mauk's not good yet, and Isaiah Briscoe's visiting

About Maty Mauk, Gary Pinkel says "Wait until he gets good." Also: Josh Augusta is too athletic than he has any right to be, and five-star 2015 point guard Isaiah Briscoe is visiting Columbia next month.

Jamie Squire

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MUTIGERS.COM #UCFvsMIZZ Post-Game Quotes - Official Athletic Site Official Athletic Site - Football

On Maty Mauk: "Wait until he gets good. There are a lot of things out there that he can do to improve and he knows that. He’s a great, gamey player, he can make plays, he does those things and he’s got some players making some plays for him. But he can get considerably better."

Sunday Mizzou Review: Tigers leave no doubt : Dave Matter

The play: The Tigers run a zone blitz with linebackers Michael Scherer and Donavin Newsom rushing off the left side while right defensive end Shane Ray backs into the flat in coverage. The other down linemen — end Markus Golden and tackles Josh Augusta and Harold Brantley — slant right off the snap. Holman steps back to throw and his pass smacks the back of center Joey Grant’s helmet, just as Augusta reaches in trying to deflect it. While fighting off Grant and left guard Michael Cambell, Augusta — all 335 pounds of him — camps under the ball and stabs it for the interception. There’s your spark.

MU shuffles defensive line to make up for missing Hoch - Columbia Daily Tribune | David Morrison

Starting defensive tackle Matt Hoch sat out the UCF game with what Pinkel called a "little" pectoral strain. Hoch dealt with a similar injury in preseason camp.

Missouri running backs Marcus Murphy, Russell Hansbrough suffer fourth-quarter injuries | Tod Palmer

Murphy’s status is worrisome after junior running back Russell Hansbrough, the co-starter with Murphy, also left the game after suffering an unspecified injury on the first play of the fourth quarter. "Russell got dinged a little bit," Pinkel said. "(Missouri head athletic trainer) Rex (Sharp’s) comment to me was it wasn’t bad, but there was no sense in putting him back in." - Pete Scantlebury

Overall, Mauk is 12-for-23 for 188 yards, 5 touchdowns and one interception. His rating is 183.9. Through the first two games, Mauk was 8-for-17, 133 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT.

In all other situations, Mauk is 36-for-54 (66.7-percent) for 459 yards, 7 touchdowns and 2 INTs, a rating of 173.43. On third downs, Mauk has thrown a touchdown on nearly 22-percent of his throws; an interception on just over four-percent. On all other downs, those rates drop to 13 percent and 3.7-percent. So when I say that Mauk can get better, I simply mean if he continues to improve his accuracy on third-downs -- and he took a big step toward that on Saturday -- Missouri could do even better on those situations. - Gabe DeArmond

1.  BREAKING NEWS:  An Internet message board had a point.  This board was incensed at halftime that the defensive backs were too soft, were giving up too much cushion and generally were terrible in giving up too many yards on third down, especially on third and long.  And Gary Pinkel said more or less the same things (in much more gentle terms) after the game.  He said they were a little conservative, laying back a little much in the first half.  They addressed it, got more aggressive and got after it in the second half.

At some point this week I want to watch a replay and see if there was a major difference in how Missouri was lining up in the first half and the second.  It was not something that really stood out to me in watching the game live, but then again, maybe it's because I wasn't really looking for it.  Part of me thinks what happened was that in the first half Braylon Webb went up for an interception and whiffed, in the second half he caught it.  I imagine it's not quite that simple, though and like I said I'll be interested to go back and take a look at the replay.

What happened Saturday, Sept. 14 in college football: Scores and 3 things to know -

The other is Missouri, the current SEC East belt-holder. The Tigers' defensive front is up to Missouri standards, and that's saying a lot. Maty Mauk has Mizzou's customary wide range of weaponry, with three receivers already combining for 11 touchdowns. The Tigers travel on Sept. 27 to South Carolina, which ended Mizzou's run to perfection last season, and that could be the division's biggest game going forward.

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TiK's Ten: Week Three Thoughts on College Football & Mizzou

3. Mauk gets it done. Maty isn't perfect -- there are sometimes when his passes are a bit off in accuracy , but overall, the man just gets it done. He's not as "powerful" on a short yardage run as Franklin was, but he can certainly scamper for a first down in a way that's important in our offense. He seems to have a confidence about him that I think will help carry us in some of the tougher games coming up. Still room for improvement, as always, but the results speak for themselves.

SouthernTigers Thoughts On This Strange Thing We Call College Football

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to start my own little series of posts on Mizzou Football and this crazy little thing we call CFB. Originally I thought it might just be a good way to speak my mind outside of all the mainstream media into on condensed post instead of thousands of comments. However, I also know it will probably become a series of posts that I will be able to reflect on when the season has taken its course.

I included Andy--01's fanpost from last year hoping someone better than me at math could update it further:

Historically speaking, how important is starting 3-0?

How important is it for Mizzou to get out to a fast-start? Obviously, getting as many non-conference wins as possible will only help your final record, but what does it truly mean for expected record?

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Who's Isaiah Briscoe? A New Jersey point guard and, according to Rivals, the No. 9 player (not point guard, player) in the class of 2015.

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