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Film Room: The complete UCF game plus a look at Indiana running back Tevin Coleman

This isn't something I can promise every week, but today we are fortunate. I was able to find the entire UCF game and a video clip of all of Tevin Coleman's runs vs Mizzou last year.

First the videos, then analysis near the bottom

Newlogo_medium UCF at Mizzou

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

Newlogo_medium Mizzou at Indiana

Mizzou Network Highlights from 2013

Tevin Coleman "Highlight" reel from last year

Indiana's rushing star expects big game vs. Mizzou : Dave Matter

Here’s the catch: Georgia’s Todd Gurley widely is considered one of the nation’s elite backs because his 329 yards and 9.4 yard-per-carry average came against two strong power conference programs, Clemson and South Carolina. Coleman ran for 437 yards and averaged 9.3 per carry against Indiana State and Bowling Green.

He expects another big day against Missouri.

"We’ll be able to get a lot of good runs on them because they’ve got their safeties and corners and backers playing spread and have them dropping back a lot," Coleman said. "It’ll be good running on them."

Since it wouldn't a Fullback post without some film breakdown:

First off, we should recall that Andrew Wilson was suspended for the first half of the Indiana game, allowing Michael Scherer to get valuable experience.

Second, Tevin Coleman had 19 "touches" last year vs Mizzou, he had 15 carries for 54 yards (3.6 ypc, longest rush was 14 yards but it didn't go for a first down) and one 2 yard touchdown run that came on a 1st and Goal. Coleman was responsible for 6 of Indiana's 20 first downs vs Mizzou.

I went a head and counted, of Coleman's 19 touches

First Half vs Tevin Coleman:
Down Formation Players Play Result Comment
1-10 4-3 Shane Ray run TFL
3-1 4-2-5 Michael Sam short run 1st down
1-10 5-2 Darvin Ruise + Michael Sam long run no first down IU on own goal line
2-2 4-3 Under Matt Hoch short run 1st down
1-10 4-2-5 Donavin Bonner + Harold Brantley short gain on screen pass Shane Ray nearly got to QB anyway
1-10 4-2-5 Brayden Burnett short run no first down
2-7 4-2-5 Braylon Webb + Randy Ponder screen pass first down Ian Simon came on the play-side blitz
2-10 4-2-5 Michael Sam short run no first down
1-10 4-2-5 Michael Sam dropped screen pass no gain
2-10 4-2-5 Kentrell Brothers + Matt White screen pass first down
1-G 4-3 Over Harold Brantley short run touchdown
1-10 4-2-5 Randy Ponder + Braylon Webb short run no first down
1-15 4-2-5 Kentrell Brothers 14 yard run no first down
2-1 4-2-5 Shane Ray run TFL

I'm sure several things jump off the page. First, a pleasant mix of 4-3 and 4-2-5 defense, and second an even distribution of tackles on Coleman that coincided with him getting only one long run, which he didn't convert a first down on, and his sole touchdown coming on a goal line draw up the middle that Harold Brantley nearly stuffed. Furthermore,

  • Shane Ray was already making a name for himself in the first half.
  • Michael Scherer didn't record a tackle in his relief of Andrew Wilson
  • Matt Hoch and Harold Brantley have experience. I expect both of them to have a big impact on Saturday.
  • Braylon Webb and Kentrell Brothers have experience with Coleman's speed and I'm sure are being cautioned to take good angles and help the inexperienced members of Mizzou's defense out.

By my count, 7 of the tackles made in the first half were made by players who will be on the field this Saturday.

Of those 7.5, 2.5 were made by defensive lineman (2 by Shane Ray, 1 by Matt Hoch, 0.5 by Harold Brantley), 2 were made by linebackers (Kentrell brothers 1.5 tackles, Darvin Ruise 0.5 tackles), and 1 was made by a safety (Braylon Webb had 2 half tackles)

Second Half vs Tevin Coleman:
Down Formation Players Play Result Comment
1-10 3-3-5 EJ Gaines screen pass TFL
1-10 3-3-5 Kony Ealy short run no first down
2-7 3-3-5 WLB blitz Andrew Wilson long run no first down
3-1 3-3-5 Andrew Wilson short run first down
1-10 3-3-5 WLB blitz Andrew Wilson + Ian Simon long run no first down
2-5 3-3-5 Markus Golden TFL forced fumble fumble not recovered

In the second half I'm sure everyone will noticed the shift to the 3-3-5 defense and Andrew Wilson not only being on the field and making more tackles, but being blitzed twice (both on 2nd and short) from the weak side.

The second half Mizzou saw more production from it's departed players, only 1.5 tackles were made by returning players, (Ian Simon 0.5 tackles and Markus Golden with 1 tackle and 1 forced fumble).

Essentially what I got from this was we will probably see some 3-3-5 in the second half if Mizzou is up by a touchdown or more, much like we saw in the Toledo game. Mizzou did an incredibly job limiting Tevin Coleman in the first half and in the second half, due to Indiana being down so much he was a non-factor.

If Mizzou can recreate those conditions, stifling the run with the base 4-2-5 in the first half then forcing Indiana to throw against the 3-3-5 to catch up could negate Coleman's impact on the game and allow the defensive line to continue to wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks.

One Final Note:

How is there a highlight reel of Tevin Coleman - a running back from Indiana! But no one is making these videos for Mizzou players?

That's my task for you, readers, go forth and make awesome YouTube compilations and remember the Golden Rule: "Don't Use Awful Music"