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Play of the Week: Russell Hansbrough is The One.

We know that Russell Hansbrough is a good football player, but could he be something even more?

Ed Zurga

Normally, when FBS teams play FCS teams, there aren't many definitive conclusions to be found amongst the results. This is certainly the case for Mizzou's 38-18 victory over the Jackrabbits of South Dakota State. Sure, the Tigers were underwhelming, but making sweeping judgements about the team's potential after this one game would be foolish. So what can we take away from this competition? One thing is for sure:

Russell Hansbrough has gained control of The Matrix.

With six minutes and 31 seconds left in the first quarter, Maty Mauk took the snap and turned to hand the ball to Hansbrough. What happened next was a series of events that – by all the laws of physics – should be impossible for a human being to execute. Let's take a look at the play.

<IMG SRC="">

Truly an incredible feat of athleticism. When you take a closer look however, it becomes apparent that other forces beyond those bound by nature were at work here. Here's a more in-depth look at the run.


Clearly, Hansbrough is The One. Over the offseason, he obtained the ability to see The Matrix for what it is. It looks like he may even be able to manipulate the system to suit his needs. This is a significant development moving forward. The Tigers' running game was already considered a strength, but I think we can safely upgrade its status to game-breaking. The only problem with this being that Hansbrough's continued manipulation of The Matrix is likely to draw the ire of Agents everywhere, which could potentially bring calamitous destruction to everything we hold dear. We have to ask ourselves a tough question: "Is a possible apocalyptic event worth a high-level running game?"

For most Mizzou fans, the answer is likely a resounding "Yes."