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Indiana 31, Mizzou 27: And the streak dies

Not a good day in Columbia.

Ed Zurga


Maty Mauk launches a pass to Jimmie Hunt down field for a 45 yard touchdown in the first quarter

First Half:

Rough start to the first half, Markus Golden out of the game with a pulled hamstring, Russell Hansbrough horse-collared then Evan Boehm limped off the play on a drive that saw 25 penalty yards. Mizzou was fortunate through it's first three games not to suffer many penalties.

Tevin Coleman scored the first touchdown of the game after a 47 yard bomb to Nick Stoner.

After a right leg injury to left guard Anthony Gatti, Maty Mauk answered with a 45 yard bomb to Jimmie Hunt.

Brad McNulty in at left guard.

Indiana backup running back D'Angelo Roberts scored on a 16 play, 75 yard drive, converting a 4th and goal for a touchdown with a pitch to the outside after diving up the middle and being stuffed on the two previous plays.

At this point Indiana has run 33 plays, Missouri 12.

Mizzou's defense has looked good but Indiana is compensating for talent disparity by playing with great tempo to wear out the defensive line. Notably Eric "Zeus" Biesel has seen some early snaps in relief of Michael Scherer.

Russell Hansbrough ties the game 14-14 at the 6:50 mark with a 68 yard touchdown run, giving him 3 rushes for 111 yards.

Curiously, Wesley Leftwich in the game for Darius White. Darius White comes back in later in the drive near the goal line. Mauk looks for him on a rollout but Indiana has a lot of men in coverage.

Andrew Baggett makes a 27 yard field goal off the left hash mark to make it 17-14.

Indiana drives down the field. Shane Wynn nearly toes touches in a touchdown with 2 seconds left but the replay is inconclusive and they kick a field goal to tie it at 17-17.

Mizzou halftime stats:

Mauk: 11/17, 144 yds, TD

Hansbrough: 4 carries, 112 yds, TD

Scherer: 10 tackles

As a team: 0 sacks, 0 turnovers

Second Half:

Mizzou starts the second half with the ball but Maty Mauk immediately throws an interception after rolling to his left, overthrowing Marcus Murphy.

Tevin Coleman is back in the game for Indiana. Shane Ray finally gets to Nate Sudfeld, partially aided by a blitz from Michael Scherer. Mizzou's defense forces a 3 and out and Indiana shanks a 41 yard field goal wide right.

Harold Brantely runs a fake punt on 3rd and 4 but the ensuing three plays can't convert on the surprise play. Mauk feels pressure on all three downs and Mizzou punts the ball away. Darius White may have pulled a hamstring.

Indiana nearly completes a long bomb over Aarion Penton, then on 3rd and 5 AMP gets his hand on an underneath pass to force a punt. Marcus Murphy gets a nice return.

Darius White back in on the next possession but another stalled drive.

Sideline reporter commenting on the take away streak saying Dave Steckel heard on the side line imploring the defense to force a turnover.

A bunch of stuff happened. Indiana scored on a two play drive. 24-17.

Fourth Quarter:

So much truth to this:

Bud Sasser catches a jump pass from Maty Mauk, then another in the slot, before Mauk finds Sean Culkin - yes a tight end- in front of the pylon to tie the game 24-24.

Charles Harris picks up his first sack and forces a 3 and out from Indiana.

Mizzou's offensive line has just look bad. No two ways about it. Numerous high snaps, little to no push on runs, shaky pass protection. It's not all just on Anthony Gatti being out.

Sean Culkin straight up destroyed someone on a Maty Mauk scramble. Big pass to Bud Sasser. Big first down to Darius White who then limps off the field. Bad snap. Darius White back in. Brad McNulty false start.

This isn't cool:

40 yard field goal good by Andrew Baggett. Mizzou 27-24. 2:20 left to go.

Indiana gets a 4th and 2 stop but defensive pass interference extends the drive. Tevin Coleman takes a screen down the field and sets up on the goal line. Mizzou doesn't call a timeout for a bit, then does, then Indiana dives over the top to go up 31 - 27 and the rest pretty much didn't matter.

Final Mizzou Stats:

Maty Mauk

27/46, 310 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 INT, 13 carries for 32 yards

Running Backs

Marcus Murphy 11 carries for 11 yards, no touchdowns

Russell Hansbrough 10 carries for 119 yards, 1 touchdown

Wide Receivers

Bud Sasser 11 receptions for 142 yards, 0 touchdowns

Sean Culkin 4 receptions for 45 yards, 1 touchdown

Jimmie Hunt 5 receptions 75 yards 1 touchdown

Darius White 5 receptions 51 yards 0 touchdowns


Michael Scherer lead all tacklers with 13 tackles

Shane Ray had 1 sack

Charles Harris had 1 sack



Anthony Gatti, formerly the starting left guard, has a torn ACL, according to Pinkel after the game

At least 5 high snaps from Evan Boehm