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They Supposed to Be SEC: Instant Reactions to week 4 of SEC football

When I started this weekly roundup, I knew this day would come. Mizzou would lose an embarrassing game to a non-conference team and the national ridicule would come pouring in. Chickens come home to roost.

Indiana 31 - Mizzou 27


Things that went wrong:

Anthony Gatti, starting left guard, tore his ACL. On my review of the play he goes down while engaged with a blocker on Hansbrough's long 3rd down run. No one hits him in the knee, it just looks like his knee gave out. Terrible news for the senior.

Mizzou finished with ten penalties for 75 yards, after having 11 total penalties in the first two games of the year. Indiana had 5 for 55.

  • Four false starts, Evan Boehm, Brad McNultyMitch MorseDarius White
  • The first false start (on Evan Boehm) was bogus, the second (on Mitch Morse) was as close to encroachment as you can get without making contact with a lineman.
  • I counted at least Five high snaps from Evan Boehm

I think new offensive line coach AJ Ricker is responsible for the snaps and offensive line having regressed from last year. Furthermore, IU players said they'd picked up a tell that let them know when the ball would be snapped, despite it being reports things would be changed from last week.

No turnovers from the defense. The closest they came was an Aarion Penton tip on a 3rd and 5.

Besides Russell Hansbrough's 68-yard touchdown run, Mizzou ran 20 times for just 62 yards.

Despite Tevin Coleman not playing half the game, Indiana had 241 yards and 3 touchdowns on 50 rushes.

Gues this week's breakdown will consist of analysing first downs.

I want to highlight Switzy's comment from the post-game thread:

I absolutely cannot wait to hear from TSK and the other SEC SB Nation sites.

So glad certain people in our fanbase couldn’t just sit quietly and let things play out. We – and Mizzou – are going to get eviscerated this week.

What a crapfest. Lot of work for this group before next week. I trust they’ll fix at least some of it, but it’s not going to be fun waiting for that. Hope everyone gets drunken as hell tonight. I’m going to find something to take my mind off this stuff.


South Carolina

South Carolina Gamecocks at Vanderbilt Commodores: Gamecocks win ulgy over 'Dores - Garnet And Black Attack

Carolina woke up from that point, scoring 17 points in the second quarter to take a lead to the locker room. The last TD came on an impressive pick-six by Brison Williams right at the end of the half.


Georgia 66, Troy 0: Menelaus Was A Big Ole Softy. - Dawg Sports

Three Bulldog quarterbacks scored touchdowns by air or ground. The Red and Black averaged 9.4 yards per rush on the way to 367 yards on the ground, the most under Mark Richt (eclipsing the 339 of the 2009 Tech "We run this state" game). Yet oddly only two Bulldogs (Michel and backup QB Faton Bauta scored rushing touchdowns). Three Bulldogs (Sony Michel, Todd Gurley, and Isaiah McKenzie) averaged better than 12 yards per carry.


Alabama 42, Florida 21: Rolled by the Tide - Alligator Army

Before it gave up the most yards in school history, the most points in the Will Muschamp Era, the second-most passing yards in school history, the fourth-most receiving yards to a single receiver in school history, Florida led its game against Alabama on Saturday. It was 14-7 after a Keanu Neal fumble return for a touchdown.


Youth Stings Vandy, Costs the 'Dores an Upset Bid in 48-34 Loss to #16 South Carolina - Anchor Of Gold

Robinette completed four of his five passes and led a touchdown drive before leaving the game. Freebeck went 11-20 for 168 yards, a touchdown, and an interception in the loss. Ralph Webb had 97 yards on 19 carries and combined with Jerron Seymour (32 yards) to give the 'Dores a potent platoon at tailback, but it wasn't enough to topple Steve Spurrier's nationally-ranked team.



Texas A&M


The offense was able to get more than a few quick scores, once we got into our groove. Also, we didn't miss Speedy at all, with Jeremy Tabuyo stepping up into his role very very well. The offensive line gave Kenny (and later Kyle) plenty of time, and the RBs were productive.




Arkansas Razorbacks 52, Northern Illinois Huskies 14: Fun Stuff - Arkansas Fight

Arkansas' next score was an exquisite fat guy touchdown, when Trey Flowers sacked Northern Illinois quarterback Drew Hare and caused a fumble that was scooped up by Darius Philon, who took it right into the end zone for the 14-0 lead. Jonathan Williams scored the Hogs' third touchdown a bit later in the 1st quarter. So Arkansas scored on offense, defense, and special teams in the first quarter. That's like hitting for the cycle, or something.

SEC West


Roll Tide


More Tigers lose


Auburn vs Kansas State Recap: Auburn Hangs On for 20-14 victory - College and Magnolia

Auburn opened the scoring with a field goal after Kansas State fumbled the ball on their first possession. Kansas State drove down the field into the redzone shortly afterwards only to have Tyler Lockett tip a ball into the air for Auburn DB Jonathon Jones to come down with an INT in the end-zone. Late in the first half Marshall hit Ricardo Louis on a pass near the sideline and he juked around Kansas State's defensive players to walktz into the endzone for a 10-7 lead.

Mississippi State

7 thoughts on Mississippi State's 34-29 win over LSU - For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

1. Dak Prescott proved the hype tonight.  If Dak was a pocket passer, I don't think he would necessarily stick out in a crowd of middle-of-the-pack college QBs, but his ability to create plays with his legs is what separates him into another category.  His 56-yard TD run to answer after a big fumble to open the second half was huge, and it perfectly showed how deadly he can be running the ball.  Despite that, I think the bigger play was the 74 yarder to Jameon that he created by flushing out of the pocket.  Dak turned down a chance to run on that play to the right when the hole closed up, and he instead averted his eyes down field where he saw Jameon wide open.  Overall, Dak set the tone from the start to the finish for MSU.  You could see it in him on the sidelines, in the huddle, and especially after he gave up that big fumble.  He was on the sidelines hyping his teammates up, which was great to see.  He also was thanking every player on the sideline towards the end when the game seemed in hand (we'll discuss that shortly).

Ole Miss