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Mizzou Links: Rush Defense, South Carolina and the Legend of Connor Shaw

The watercooler is cranking Sandstorm while getting into heated debates about Mizzou's rush defense with our without Markus Golden. Meanwhile the spectre of last year's loss rears its ugly head, and Volleyball is getting into SEC play this weekend.

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Just play this for the next 48 hours straight to get ready


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Big running plays torch MU's defense - Columbia Daily Tribune

MU is allowing a run of 15 yards or more once every 15.3 rushing attempts. In the SEC, only Arkansas and South Carolina are allowing big runs more frequently, at once every 10.8 attempts and once every 14.2 attempts, respectively.

Mississippi State has the SEC’s best defense at preventing big runs. The Bulldogs are allowing a run of at least 15 yards once every 46.3 attempts. "Every big play, there’s usually more than one guy that screwed up," defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski said. "In a typical situation, that could be somebody up front didn’t keep their gap, and then it gets to the second level."

Missouri won’t use it as excuse, but Markus Golden’s absence has had an impact | The Kansas City Star

Indiana didn’t have any negative plays running to the right at Missouri’s left defensive end position, where Golden usually would have been.

The Hoosiers primarily ran up the middle in the first half, gaining 46 yards on 18 carries with nine plays netting a yard or less. Running right in the first half, Indiana netted 61 yards on eight carries.

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Spurrier still miffed by Vandy win : Dave Matter

• On Missouri’s defense: "It’s just as fast as quick as they were last year. I watched our game with them last year and their games this year. They’re similar. They’ve got the same coaches there. They do an excellent job disguising their coverages. They mix in a little man, a little zone. Offensively, I haven’t watched much of that, but they’re very good there also."

South Carolina's Thompson gets another shot at Mizzou : Sports

"I thought Coach made a great decision last year," Thompson said this week. "He was talking to me, ‘You don’t have points on the board. You got to do something.’ Obviously, you saw the result of that and we won, and that’s the goal."

"That was just a great, great win for us," Thompson added. "I always tell Connor, ‘I helped the legend of Connor Shaw that night.’"

Missouri kicker Andrew Baggett unfazed by miss against South Carolina last season | The Kansas City Star

Baggett also insists that miss, which triggered some nasty comments aimed his way on social media, hasn’t lingered.

"No, not really," Baggett said. "It’s just another kick, you know. I’ve missed some before. I’ve missed some after that. It’s not the end of the world.

Realistically, it was just the last mistake of the game, but we still went to the SEC Championship game, we still went to the Cotton Bowl. It didn’t have real relevance when it came down to the end of the season."

Gary Pinkel on the SEC Teleconference: Week 5 - Columbia Daily Tribune

Was last year's South Carolina game difficult to leave behind?

Not for me it isn't, and I hope it's not for (the players), really. They just did what you have to do to win in the fourth quarter. That was the only regular-season game we lost last year. They had a great fourth quarter, got them two overtimes and they did the things necessary to win. From that approach I take is certainly we learned from that. Especially in this league, there's so many great teams in this league you've got to be able to finish. That's the lesson to learn there, and we tried to learn that and apply that to the rest of the season at the time.

Is this a hint about the helmets and maybe the uniforms for Saturday?

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Kenny Chesney will be the celebrity picker on 'College GameDay' - Garnet And Black Attack

But outrage was the word this morning when it was announced that human sphynx cat Kenny Chesney would serve as South Carolina's guest picker. Chesney is generally considered to be a Volunteers fan and was the picker at a Gameday in Knoxville a few years back. As expected, the announcement was greeted with all the fanfare of a clap diagnosis:

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THE TAILGATE: A Graphical Preview of Texas A&M vs Arkansas - Good Bull Hunting

Few things were more entertaining than Missouri celebrating their sprint up the rankings by stepping on a lego and tumbling precipitously out of the top 25. Now they have to recover by taking on South Carolina, who apparently always plays at home every game because all of the other stadiums in the SEC deleted Sandstorm from their playlists 12 years ago.

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Guys, I think Keith Shamburger is going to be really good - I've been watching for an hour and he still hasn't missed.

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Our own Chris Turner talked with with Kentucky about Volleyball and the SEC

SEC Volleyball Kickoff - Musings on our Wildcats and why the SEC needs to change its approach - A Sea Of Blue

SEC Volleyball competition kicks off Wednesday night, as the Cats head down to Baton Rouge to take on LSU. Let's take a second to discuss our team, what to watch for, and chat with our SEC brethren at Mizzou about the state of volleyball in the nation's preeminent sports conference.

Media day musings: Kreklow discusses MU's need for better passing, start of SEC play - Columbia Daily Tribune

The Missouri volleyball team will open Southeastern Conference play against Mississippi State (5-10) at 6:30 p.m. Friday at the Hearnes Center. The Tigers (9-5) will host Tennessee (7-7) at 11 a.m. Sunday.

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Justin Britt

Jordan Clarkson

Russell Hansbrough and Evan Boehm

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