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Pregamin' South Carolina

WAAAAYYYYYLP, it's gettin' about time for them Tigers to head on over to the "other" Columbia. They got the Head Ball Coach right in the eye, doesn't he know ya can't make eye-contact with a predator?

Jack Peglow


WHO: Missouri Tigers @ South Carolina Gamecocks

WHAT: Runnin' the ball a little bit. Passin' the ball a little bit. Playin' a bit of defense.

WHEN: Saturday, September 27 – 6:00pm CT

WHERE: Inside of a Sandstorm, Williams-Brice Stadium 1125 George Rogers Blvd. Columbia, SC 29201



(of the useless variety)

  • Williams-Brice Stadium sometimes goes by "The Cock Pit."
  • It's one of two stadiums in the FBS named solely for a woman.
  • Pope John Paul II visited the stadium in 1987.
  • U2 also performed there, which cancels out all the good Pope-vibes.
  • Near the stadium resides several dormant cabooses used for tailgating. The area is called the "Cockaboose Railroad."
  • The garnet towels that fans wave above their heads are called "Cocky Cloths."



Who do you hope to see more from against South Carolina?

The Beef: EVERYONE! I think the play got a little individualistic out there last week, and no one was able to step up and rally the TEAM back to playing well. You have people on this squad who experienced some difficultly last season, but this is a pretty young team and they now need to learn to bounce back from a loss. Tough time to do so, considering the schedule, so that makes this week all the more important.

Sam Snelling: I have to say Evan Boehm. The interior of the line has struggled enough that Boehm has two new people next to him this upcoming game. I'd like to see him take charge and be that leader on the O-line, and help our running game be better than it's been. That would go a long ways of making Mauk a better player.

Adam Cribbs: Markus Golden. Because he didn't play last week.

Jack Peglow: Marcus Murphy. I expected big things from him this year, especially after it was announced that he would be more involved in the passing game, and he hasn't lived up to the hype just yet. Some of that is probably him figuring out his new role, but if there were ever a game for him to break out, this would be it. Vandy took two kicks back against South Carolina last week, if Murph Derrty could house one, I'd be ecstatic.

HHKB Chris: Any WR not named Jimmie or Bud. Someone, catch something and then run forward with it. I'd say the O-line here, but that's too obvious.

Fullback U: The linebackers need to be able to make one-on-one tackles and cover screens.

AlaTiger: I'll second the desire to see Markus Golden come back with a vengeance in this game.

What group (D-line, O-line, coaches, etc.) do you hope to see a better performance from?

Beef: Reshuffled offensive line is going to be really important because we need a consistent running game and for Mauk to have time to find some new receivers.

Snelling: Offensive coaches. I think Indiana exposed the offense a bit, that they could see tendencies doesn't bode well for better and tougher opponents. Time for Henson and the guys to step up and have the boys ready to go.

Cribbs: I hope to see more from the Missouri Tigers offensive linemen. I think they can play a better game this week against South Carolina than they played against Indiana... Is that an obvious enough answer?

Peglow: The Secondary has to show me more than they did last week. Aarion Penton's deep coverage is lacking, and I think John Gibson wilted under the pressure of me calling him out last week. Kenya Dennis, it's time to step up, son.

HHKB: Gary on clock management. Betting you're going to guess what Kevin Wilson is thinking may make sense, but getting into the head that is Spurrier, well once a man enters that labyrinth, there's really no telling if he can get back out. Also, the O-line, figure it out guys or it's going to be a long night.

Tigers and Chiefs Fan: The offensive line.

FBU: Without looking, I bet the offensive line is a popular pick.

AlaTiger: I'll be a bit more specific: I want to see better play from the interior on the offensive line. Evan, snap the ball perfectly. Connor, destroy people at your "new" position. Brad, prove Bill wrong to be skeptical. Collectively, create running lanes and keep pass-rushers out of Maty's face.

What's one wild prediction fro this week's game?

Beef: Mizzou has the lead at the half.

Snelling: Connor Shaw does not carry the Gamecocks to victory this time! Dylan Thompson throws a pick-six to Braylon Webb and Mizzou wins!

Cribbs: Mizzou wins and the hellhole that is the SEC East becomes even more insufferable and Kentucky fans begin to believe they can win this damn division and help we can't get out of here.

Peglow: After recording a turnover in 47-straight games, Mizzou goes two without one.

HHKB: Markus Golden with a pick-six return a la Kony Ealy, and Mac attempts to break my iPhone 6.

T&CF: We win by three touchdowns.

FBU: Connor Shaw doesn't play.

AlaTiger: The team does a complete 180 from last week and delivers a win with more than a minimal margin.

Why is Spurrier so damn cool?

Beef: He just don't care.

Snelling: He's proven at this point that he can win just about anywhere (NFL excluded), so at this point he's just having fun.

Cribbs: "Those guys and gals over at Block M Country or whatever it is, bless their hearts, they sure seem to like me. Figures, since we did a pretty good job of welcoming their alumni home last season."



HHKB: Because he's just livin'... L-I-V-I-N... Also, literally not giving a sh*t about anything helps.

T&CF: A statue in his likeness is outside of one of the stadiums he plays every year. That is pretty cool and would geek my freak if I was a fan of South Carolina.

FBU: He's very self-aware and his accent contributes to his charm.

AlaTiger: He doesn't engage in coachspeak. He's certainly cocky, but no one, including himself, is spared his barbs. He's smart, blunt, and funny.

What exactly is a Gamecock, and why are they so gamey?

Beef: Summer in the southeast makes everything pretty gamey.

Snelling: Cocks that fight. I think they're bigger, badder roosters. I've never cooked one, I usually prefer to cook chickens.

Cribbs: Cockfighting is illegal in 47 states. SC doesn't seem to care, but they also have half of an 80k seat stadium yelling COCKS at the top of their lungs so it's whatever, you know?

Peglow: A chicken wearing an Under Armour visor. They're gamey because they feel like it, why the hell are you so interested, huh?

HHKB: A game cock is a dirtier version of a rooster, if it could have a mustache and a fanny-pack it would. Why is it so gamey, because son, when you've got game like it's got, you strut... until it's beak down vomiting all oer itself and generally embarrassing everyone around it. Apropos of nothing, the bathrooms at South Carolina for the dudes is just a wall you urinate against, get your act together, Williams-Brice.

T&CF: I feel the need to stay away from this one.

FBU: [redacted]

AlaTiger: I don't see the allure of watching two chickens try to kill one another.

Any other thoughts about the game?

Snelling: After a rough week last week I think Mizzou needs to have a good performance. I don't think they need a win, but they need to play pretty well. I do think if Mizzou plays it's best game, and SC plays their best game that Mizzou can win. I'm still not sold on Dylan Thompson, and if our guys can get in and harass him I think we can cause enough trouble to get out of the other Columbia with a win.

I'm dreading having to deal with SC's run game. They've got multiple backs that are as good as Tevin Campbell... I mean Coleman. I'm not sure if the 'Cocks RB's can sing like Tevin Campbell. If they can, we're in REAL trouble.

But I'm hoping to see a big performance by Kentrell Brothers and the D-Tackles. If those guys play well and Mizzou can limit the run game, I think they can win. I'd also like to see MANSBRO and Murphy get more yards on 1st and 2nd down.

AlaTiger: I am somewhat bizarrely optimistic for this game. I really can't see how Mizzou can play worse football than they did last week. If that wasn't the nadir of the 2014 season, God help us all. I am happy to see McGovern back at right guard. The middle of the line really needs to be solidified, and I think this move will help. Hopefully, Chappell plays well next to him at tackle. I think there is a fairly decent chance of that. McNulty is probably the biggest question mark.

I fear, dread, and loathe the Steve Spurrier Screening Machine. The Tigers seem to be playing screens a little bit better this year, but they have not faced anything quite like the Steve Spurrier Screening Machine. Thankfully, this year the Screening Machine is not accompanied by the Connor Shaw Scrambulator. That might do me in. Oh, wait, that was Mizzou last year...

Switzy227: Watch for: the performance of the reshuffled OL, the trench battle that could decide the game, and the play of newly minted starter Kenya Dennis.

Worry about: a shaken Mizzou squad struggling in a difficult environment, the run game once again failing to pick up decent first- and second-down yardage, and tackling.

Hope for: a gamer effort from Maty Mauk against a less-than-stout SC defense, the start of another ridiculously long and entertaining takeaway streak, and the return of Markus Golden in a havoc rate defining performance.


There's been a SHAKE-UP! We have a new leader, ladies and gents.

IN FIRST PLACE, NEWLY MINTED: ArmyOfMike, with 19 correct picks.

The middle cluster: HHKB Chris, Jack Peglow, and The Beef, all with 16 correct picks.

[sad trombone]: BST, with 15 correct picks.

Anywho, here's the game we're picking this week:

UGA -17
O/U 55.5

Arky @ aTm
aTm -8.5
O/U 70

Mizzou @ South Carolina
USCe -5.5
O/U 63

Vandy @ UK
UK -17
O/U 50.5

O/U 59.5

And here are the EXPERT picks:

Name UT – UGA Spread UT – UGA O/U Arky – A&M Spread Arky – A&M O/U Mizzou – South Carolina Spread Mizzou – South Carolina O/U Vandy – UK Spread Vandy – UK O/U UCLA – ASU Spread UCLA – ASU O/U
Mike UGA Under Arky Over South Carolina Under Vandy Over UCLA Over
HHKB UGA Over A&M Over South Carolina Under Vandy Over ASU Over
Peglow UGA Over A&M Under Mizzou Over Vandy Over ASU Over
Beef UGA Over A&M Under Mizzou Over Vandy Over UCLA Over
BST UGA Under A&M Under Mizzou Over UK Under UCLA Under


Remember that time when Brad Smith?

Let's never go back to Shreveport again.