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Mizzou Links: Britt's big start, Mauk's trip home, and Twitter humor

Justin Britt starts for the defending world champions, Maty Mauk comes home, and not everyone gets Twitter humor.

Justin Britt
Justin Britt
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

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Packers vs. Seahawks 2014 final score: 3 things we learned in Seattle's 36-16 win -

I'd also like to point you at this excellent longform article about being a fan of the NFL and how this year has been perhaps the ugliest in recent memory?

People vs. the NFL: After an offseason in which the NFL got almost everything wrong, a lifelong fan reflects on shame, love, fatherhood, and the future of the league.

Except this offseason was a nightmare. Michael Sam declared for the draft, then came out as gay. It was a step forward in sports history, but it also put a spotlight on the uglier views within the NFL’s machine -- not just the lowest common denominators defending their perceived frontier of masculinity, but the deepest recesses of the apparatus itself: scouts and executives who spoke anonymously about the "distraction," and the media outlets that harbored that cowardice for pageviews. [...]

Did I mention that it's all worth it? That I waited 35 years to see a team from Seattle win a championship? That I loved every moment of watching the Seahawks kick the shit out of the Broncos? That two weeks before the Super Bowl, I fell to my knees and wept when Richard Sherman tipped Colin Kaepernick’s pass to Malcolm Smith? That the skill and preparation and tactics and sheer physical genius that comprise professional football create a dramatic and genuinely surprising narrative landscape unrivaled by any other league in any other sport?

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Mizzou's Twitter account throws down some Beyoncé-style sass - Columbia Missourian

Mizzou's official Twitter account has become more casual and personal lately. Today, the account celebrated Beyoncé's birthday with abundance of gif's.

Of course, not everyone "gets" these sort of things.

An injection of snark doesn't play well with all followers, of course. At the beginning of the month, Mizzou contributed to #IfMyPhoneGotHacked, a social media response to the recently leaked nude celebrity photos. The account posted a photo of a "naked" Truman the Tiger, and some people were not amused.

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Columbians and their celebrity look-alikes – Vox Magazine

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Newlogo_medium Maty Mauk's Homecoming

Missouri’s Maty Mauk unfazed by return to Ohio | The Kansas City Star

"It’s always going to be my home," said Mauk, who completed 13 of 21 passes for 178 yards with three touchdowns in a season-opening 38-18 win last week against South Dakota State. "There’s no place else I’m going to call home. Whenever I get free time, they know I’m going to be back. But right now it’s a business trip, and I’ve got to go play."

Maty Mauk's longtime friend and inspiration to attend Toledo game - Columbia Missourian

When Missouri visits Toledo for an afternoon kickoff Saturday, sophomore quarterback Maty Mauk wants to "put on a show."

Not for himself. Not for the ESPN national broadcast. Not for his team, even.

"For him," the sophomore said, referring to a lifelong friend from his hometown of Kenton, Ohio, roughly 76 miles south of the Toledo.

Watching from the wheelchair-accessible section of the stadium's south end zone will be 18-year-old Drey Dearing.

TIGER KICKOFF: Quarterback Maty Mauk becomes new face of Missouri football - Columbia Missourian

Mom will still pull out the "Matthew Richard" whenever he's teasing her and looking for attention. But when anyone else uses his birth name, Maty Mauk's eyes glaze over, and he tunes out the offender.

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The Girl With the Golden Heart – Vox Magazine

You know her as the MU swimmer from ESPN’s January "Outside The Lines" report, which told the story of her 2011 suicide. The media has linked Sasha Menu Courey inseparably to rape, mental illness and Title IX. But there’s much more to her story. Her death brought two families colliding together, and her legacy lives on in Pat Healy, who received her heart.

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