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Maty Mauk throws 5 touchdowns in record-setting 25 point win over Toledo

Maty Mauk threw for 325 yards and 5 touchdowns on 21/32 passing with 2 interceptions plus one rushing touchdown while leading Mizzou to a 49-24 point win over Toledo and tying the school-record for passing touchdowns in a single game.

Maty Mauk threw for 5 touchdowns vs Toledo, tying a school record
Maty Mauk threw for 5 touchdowns vs Toledo, tying a school record
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

This is the second time the sophomore QB has has thrown for 5 touchdowns in his Mizzou career, his first coming in 2013 with four touchdowns to Dorial Green-Beckham and one to running back Henry Josey.

Maty Mauk is already half-way to Chase Daniel's record for number of 5 touchdown performances at Mizzou. Daniel has thrown for 5 touchdowns four times, once in 2006 in the season opener vs Murray State, twice in 2007 against Ole Miss and Colorado, and once more in 2008 again versus Colorado.

Mauk's 5 touchdowns are highlighted below:

1st Touchdown - Darius White 7 yards on 1st and Goal

2nd Touchdown - Jimmie Hunt 13 yards on 1st and Goal

3rd Touchdown - Marcus Murphy 13 yards on 3rd and 8

4th Touchdown - Bud Sasser 25 yards on 2nd and 6

5th Touchdown - Jimmie Hunt 12 yards on 3rd and 6

After the graduation of L'Damian Washington, Marcus Lucas and the dismissal of Dorial Green-Beckham there were legitimate concerns about how Mizzou's passing game would perform in 2014. Despite a three touchdown game vs South Dakota State which included two deep bombs to Darius White and one to Bud Sasser, Mauk only had 173 yards passing and 62% passing, albeit without any interceptions to mar his stat line.

Against Toledo, Mauk went 21/32 for 325 yards with at 65% completion rate but also improved his third down performance, particularly in the second, converting six of nine in the second half to improve to 52% overall. Notably, two of his touchdown passes came on third down, the first on a screen to Marcus Murphy and the last on a back-peddling rocket in to Jimmie Hunt to tie the record.

Mauk threw two interceptions on the day, his first on an overthrow to tight end Sean Culkin that was promptly stripped by wide receiver Bud Sasser and recovered by Jimmie Hunt. The turnover helped Mizzou extend it's nation-leading streak to 46 games and was the first time the offense has forced a turnover since Chase Daniel's forced fumble during the 2007 Cotton Bowl vs Arkansas.

Mauk's second interception came on 3rd and 14, a play after he'd taken a sack on 2nd and 9. He attempted to either throw the ball away or loft it deep to Darius White hoping he could make a play. Play screen capped below:

Mizzou comes out in Trips Left Open, Toledo is in a 3-3-5 defense. 

All of Mauk's receivers are running deep routes. Toledo brings a fourth man to the line, then brings the blitz. The third linebacker is spying Mauk in case he scrambles.

Mauk was actually sacked on this blitz just the play before, he attempts to move up in the pocket, but it collapses and instead of taking a sack he tries to throw it deep.

On consecutive plays, three and four wide receivers are running deep routes against a crowded secondary and no hot-routes or check-downs are made. I'm not blaming Josh Henson or Maty Mauk for this turnover because it was an incredibly athletic play by Christian Dukes and I think it's a fixable error rather than an inherent problem. If anything, it may serve as a teaching moment for Mauk and Henson for when the level of competition steps up during SEC play.

If there's a play that concerned me, it came just before Mauk's 3rd TD on a screen to Marcus Murphy early in the 3rd quarter. On 2nd and 8, Mizzou lines up with the receivers bunched in to open the corners of the endzone.

Mauk throws a lob to Jimmie Hunt in the corner of the endzone (off his back foot mind you)

The announcers had just finished lauding Mizzou's offensive efficiency and Mauk's ability to throw a beautiful deep ball, but the play very nearly resulted in a turnover. I come here to praise Mauk, not to bury him, but if there's instance of his "gunslinger" mentality it was on this play. In two games this year Mauk has 8 touchdowns and 2 interceptions - matching his total from four games last year, when he threw 11 touchdowns against only 2 interceptions, but if you recall my in-depth look at his debut win you'll remember there were several passes that were nearly intercepted.

Maty Mauk has absolutely taken strides toward becoming a more consistent quarterback, improving his passing accuracy from 51% last year to 65% in 2014, but since I've already gone longer than I'd intended I'll close with some words of caution for our fearless gun-slinger:

When it comes time for SEC play: "Remember thou art mortal."