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RMN Bowl Contest Update - Oh Gosh...Here Comes .500

It has not been a pretty few days for the Community

How's a damn nickel going to win this contest?
How's a damn nickel going to win this contest?
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Quick update since I decided I just dont want to have to do this in the morning.  Hell, let this serve as the overnight thread if people are interested :-)

The Community is now at 50.66%, which means the all-time is also now down from the start of the year (albeit maybe a tenth of a percentage point).

In the lead, and now by FOUR picks is blackfin's Ask The Nickel. I doubt everyone in the next group back at 40-24 has been eliminated and I will do some looking at that in the days to come.  At the other end, Jack618, blackgoldorange and Fave/Under (all favorites and all the unders) are one game below of mufaninkc.

Four more games tomorrow, what say you Community?

  • PItt (-3): 534%
  • Over 53: 52.8%
  • Tenn (-3): 80.4%
  • Under 52.5: 52.7%
  • k-State (-2): 62%
  • Under 59: 66.8%
  • Washington (-6): 62.6%
  • Over 55.5: 52.8%
My guess is that by this time tomorrow night, we may have a winner.

As always, for those interested, you should be able to view the Results sheet HERE, while you should also be able to view the All-time records (updated through 2013-2014 only) HERE.