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Mizzou Wrestling: Go on the Road and Win

The Tigers headed to the northeast for their biggest dual meet to date against the #3 Cornell Big Red. How did it turn out? And what can Mizzou fans expect this coming weekend?

Whoops...wrong kind of wrestling.  Stupid picture search tool....
Whoops...wrong kind of wrestling. Stupid picture search tool....
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, talk to me about your Saturday afternoon and your following of the Cornell dual and what was running through your mind as you saw the scores and results.

Well... I was at a bar, with my baby, meeting up with some friends so they could watch something called Big 12 basketball. I'm not really sure what that is, but oh well.  I had the twitter machine running fast and hard on my phone to keep up with the action and when I saw that Cornell forfeited at 125 I first thought that their Coach knew something we didnt and could afford to give up those 6 points and get them back plus more elsewhere. Thankfully I'm just super paranoid and Garrett missed weight. After that I looked something like Christoph Waltz in that one scene in inglorious basterds, just giddy as could be.

How about yourself?

I was rocking the live thread with a couple of folks, and I think I went through some of the same when I saw that Garrett was not going at 125.  First I thought it was a weird move by the Cornell coaching staff to keep him away from Waters…for fear he might lose again?  That seemed odd, but I was happy with the points.  Then, when I saw him at 133, I thought that was pretty smart, to take him there and move Grey up to 141 to cover the potential hole they had there.  However, Synon then kind of blew my mind with the result (though I imagine Garrett had to be pretty beat from his failed cut), and then Grey NOT wrestling at 141 blew it a bit even more.  After that, I settled him, followed Mayes and Houda to back to back majors and just thought, "holy crap…this is going to look good around the country".

What else stood out to you and your child while in a bar watching Big XII hoops?

I was glad to see 3 guys pick up MD's a couple other get close. I feel like this team is really gaining a lot of confidence and grinding out not just wins but looking for those extra team points where ever possible. Also, very proud of Miklus. He wrestled tough and I felt like kept the score even better than respectable. Willie has dropped 2 matches to Dean now by a total of 5 points.

I was a bit disappointed that Lavallee didn't get the win, but he also wrestled tough against at op 10 opponent. Anyone that you were let down by?

I was not really let down by anyone.  Even in the three losses, LaVallee, England and Miklus wrestled well against top-ranked folks.  I was pleased to see J’Den do well against a ranked wrestler who evidently was trying to take the action to him. Eblen only getting a decision was about as disappointing as I could be, and let’s be honest, one can only be so disappointed in that.  Devin finished off the meet well with his win and 27-9, even with the forfeit, was far more than I could have asked for.

Ready to turn our attention towards the action this coming weekend with home meets against Central Michigan on Saturday and NC State on Sunday?

I am ready to turn it elsewhere. Let me take a sec and put together the rankings of the CMU and NC Stage guys right quick....

Did you see that tOSU beat Penn State and Iowa dominated Ok State over the weekend?

I had not seen the results from the weekend besides MN eeking one out at home against Michigan.  Watched that one on BTN.

Alright after going through the (as of Monday) intermat rankings it looks like Mizzou will be seeing the following ranked wrestlers:

NC State

141 #18 Speno

165 #17 Rohskopf

174 #16 Renda

HWT #3 Gwiazdowski


141 #13 Horan

This should be a good weekend for Mayes to see solid competition but nothing he shouldn't be able to handle. Same for Eblen. I know you've been really looking forward to this matchup for Mellon since he came back. Does Devon have a shot to upset Gwiazdowski?

At HWY, there are often more upsets because there can be a decent size disparity that can lead to some mismatches, even between non-ranked wrestlers and top-ranked wrestlers.  To that end, I think Devin has a shot against Gwiazdowski.  But as I referenced previously, I am just excited to see where he stacks up against him.  I agree on Mayes and I was not sad to see that he will continue to get pushed this weekend by two ranked wrestlers.  Nice chance for England to get that first, decent/signature win at his new weight, and I agree about Eblen.  This is someone who the rankings say he should beat, but I want to see it to know that he has really settled in at 174 and is not experiencing any ill effects from the drop.

So unless you have anything else, it is probably time to start teasing out our dual on Friday 1/23 against Okie State that I believe will be available on ESPN3.

I think that does just about cover it. Of course the CMU dual will be nice to get another conference win and set up a few guys for seeding at the MACs, but that's about it.

After seeing what Iowa did to OK State I'd say that we just won our toughest dual left of the season. Are we looking at an undefeated season?

Taking a look at Iowa vs. Okie State, there were some surprises in there, both in result and in magnitude.  Gilman (IA) beating Climara (OSU) at 125 is not a real surprise, but a major is.  Dziewa (IA) getting a pin over Heil (OSU) at 141 is a surprise.  Sorenson (IA) just beating Kindig (OSU) at 149 is impressive.  Dieringer (OSU) is an absolute monster at 165 for them.  Off the top of my head, I see MU with a clear advantage in four weights (125, 141, 174, 197), Okie State with a clear advantage in two weights (165, HWY) and then four relative toss-ups (133, 149, 157, 184).

I'd say that is a very reasonable assessment. There is no way Ok State can win without taking 149, 165, HWT and at least 2 more weight classes tho, and I'm not sure where they can do it.