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Basketball Live Thread: Tennessee at Mizzou

The Tigers of Ol' Mizzou look to get back to .500 in conference as they take on the Volunteers of Tennessee this evening. If you can't be at the game, this is the place to be!

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Montaque Gill-Caeser and Deuce Bello available to play

There was a game this past Tuesday that occurred but the less talked about it the better. Mizzou comes into tonight's game against Tennessee with an opportunity to get a good win at home against an upper half of the league SEC team. Tennessee like Auburn before it is going through a lot of the same issues that Mizzou is, new coach, depleted roster, however where Mizzou lacks true senior leadership, Tennessee has it.


Mizzou vs Tennessee


SEC Basketball at its finest!


5:00 pm CT


Mizzou Arena, CoMO


Because it's Mizzou and you love the Tigers
and they need your support!


SEC Network


Tiger Radio Network

Feeling a little unsure in what you know about this game? Well be sure to read our preview if you haven't done so already! Do it now!

What do the Four Factors have to say about tonight's matchup?

Not sure what this all means? Well no worries, the internet is here to rescue you!

Looking at the four factors, we see that both teams are close in shooting percentage (advantage Tennessee), ball handling (advantage Mizzou), offensive rebounding (big advantage Tennessee) and free throw rate (advantage Mizzou). Now looking at these factors, and looking at the reality of the situation, well it seems as if these may be inflated by the lack of games played against only high level competition.

I'd imagine that Mizzou would hold the advantage in rebounding and then be close in field goal percentage as they currently are. Mizzou is bigger than Tennessee and if shots aren't falling, the Tigers should be able to take advantage of their size. On the other hand, Mizzou has the advantage in free throw rate which is odd considering Mizzou doesn't really get to the line all that often. With regard to ball handling, this feels like a toss up to me. Mizzou's young guards have been valuing the ball this season (with the occasional mental lapse), while Tennessee's guards like to press and turn you over.
Someone's going to have to come out ahead in this game in the ball handling scenario and let's hope it's us.

One of the factors that will come into play in this game is the officials, and I only say that based on the way Tennessee likes to play. As we all know, when you play a pressing style defense, what you can get away with at home and what you can get away with on the road. If the reffs are calling this game close to the vest, advantage Mizzou, if they're calling it all loosey goosey, let them play, well then the advantage will big towards the Vols.

Last time Tennessee came to Mizzou Arena Mizzou took down the Vols 75 - 70 in a close game in front of a full house, so let's hope we can do all that again, sound good?
Check out the highlights if you want a refresher on how the game went down, watching winning basketball highlights is always a blast!

Now sit back, relax, and let's get ready for some Mizzou basketball! Feel free to re-iterate your trifecta below, include what you're drinking and let's get a win! M-I-Z...

*Update* Deuce has been Cleared to Return to the Team:

*Update #2* - Teki is back!