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SEC Hoops Power Rankings... My Version, Pt 5

Each week, our own HHKB Chris has done a great job of setting up and compiling the SEC Basketball Power Rankings. Each week, I participate with my own take. I thought it would be a good idea to show you my ballot each week so you can see what I'm thinking when I submit my picks. I have yet to look at the previous week's rankings when considering where to slot the teams, instead I look at the record to date, wins, losses, KenPom, RPI and BPI.

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I hate the SEC.

Is it too much to ask that there be a few consistent teams that beat the other teams? And I mean more than Kentucky. Seriously people. Vandy loses at Mississippi State, then hangs with Kentucky for the whole game. LSU loses to Missouri and Texas A&M at home, then beats Florida on the road. Ole Miss beats the crap out of Arkansas on the road, loses to LSU at home.

It's been a strange year in the SEC as they continue to devour their young. And they've played 5 games. Everyone except for Kentucky and Tennessee (!!!!) has 2 losses. :/

Listed is the rank, team and record, with their KenPom ranking and rating, their RPI ranking and score, and their BPI rank and score. Followed by me being quippy.

1. Kentucky 18-0 (5-0)
Rank 1 1 1
Score .9818 .7175 95.1

We've got a NEW team at the TOP.... oh wait, no we don't.

2. Georgia 12-5 (3-2)
Rank 28 24 22
Score .8649 .6166 81.9

3 straight wins and a legitimate chance to make that 5 straight with upcoming games at State and vs. Vandy, maybe 6 with a trip to reeling South Carolina. I think UGa has a solid hold on the 2 spot right now.

3. Alabama 12-5 (2-2)
Rank 44 48 61
Score .8240 .5901 72.3

They can lock in the 3 spot with a win at Arkansas.

4. Arkansas 13-4 (2-2)
Rank 39 27 34
Score .8300 .6120 78.0

I'm not ready to give up on the Hogs just yet. A home loss to Alabama would be bad, a road loss to Missouri would be way worse.

5. Tennessee 12-5 (4-1)
Rank 79 44 63
Score .7362 .5938 71.3

Smoke and Mirrors. I've seen them play, and they're terrible. I've no idea how they keep winning, but they do, so I'm respecting that with a 5 spot.

6. LSU 14-4 (3-2)
Rank 41 45 41
Score .8292 .5928 76.5

We get to the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ part of the rankings. LSU gets my 6th spot because they have a big win at Florida. Yeah, that makes sense.

7. Florida 10-8 (3-2)
Rank 40 73 39
Score .8300 .5605 76.9

They've become a middle of the pack team. Now watch as they rattle off 8 straight or something stupid.

8. Ole Miss 11-7 (2-3)
Rank 34 49 44
Score .8427 .5876 75.3

We've come to the 'Almost beat Kentucky' portion of the rankings. I'm not convinced the Rebels are good because they get up for games at Arkansas and Kentucky. So I'm reserving judgement with the 8th spot.

9. Texas A&M 12-5 (3-2)
Rank 70 46 52
Score .7519 .5925 73.9

This is a team that I think wants to be good, and they're almost good. With Jalen Jones they're pretty good, but they still need to finish a few more games before I can think they're top 5-6.

10. South Carolina 10-7 (1-4)
Rank 48 113 57
Score .8017 .5334 72.6

Sorry SC fans, at some point you're going to get penalized for losing games. 1-4 is not the start anyone imagined after beating Iowa State.

11. Mississippi State 9-9 (2-3)
Rank 201 176 160
Score .4159 .4656 53.6

Sure, why not?

12. Vanderbilt 11-7 (1-4)
Rank 60 95 51
Score .7748 .5456 74.0

I'm not shocked, Vandy has been a tough out, but they've got a lot of youth on the roster and, as Mizzou fans know, that's hard to overcome.

13. Mizzou 7-11 (1-4)
Rank 166 144 164
Score .4919 .5148 52.8

How about that undefeated WRESTLING team? Huh guys? Huh?

14. Auburn 10-8 (2-3)
Rank 154 126 143
Score .5184 .5225 56.1

You don't lose to Mississippi State at home you guys. You just don't. This is your punishment (and yes, I'm ranking them last so I don't have to put Mizzou there)

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KenPom, because it's awesome and the best:

I try to measure skills based on the opportunities for those skills to be observed. On the team level, this often means ratings the offense (and defense) on points scored (and allowed) per possession. That is the basis for the ratings system. If you're looking for info on what the columns mean on the ratings mean, please continue. If you don't like the ratings, wonder why I have your team too low, or wonder why the ratings don't look like the AP top 25, go here. (For information on preseason ratings, see this and this and this.)

RPI, the NCAA selection committee uses this:

The RPI (Rating Percentage Index) is a measure of strength of schedule and how a team does against that schedule. Created in 1981, the RPI is a tool used in selecting and seeding the 68 teams for the NCAA Men's basketball Division I tournament. RPI data includes games against Division I schools only.

BPI, Joe Lunardi uses this:

The Basketball Power Index (BPI) is a team rating system that accounts for the final score, pace of play, site, strength of opponent and absence of key players in every Division I men's game. BPI can be used to measure both how well a team has performed (going far beyond just wins and losses) and how powerful it is likely to be going forward.