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Basketball live thread: Arkansas at Missouri

The battle line rivalry is renewed as Arkansas comes to Columbia, our most hated SEC rival. Can Mizzou get on the winning side of things again, or will former head coach Mike Anderson leave Mizzou Arena with a win for the first time since he snuck out the back door? Come, let's chat about it!

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What: Mizzou Basketball RIVALRY GAME!!!!!!1!
Who: Arkansas Razorbacks at Missouri Tigers
When: 1:00 p.m. CT
Where: Mizzou Arena

TV: ESPN2 (Rich Hollenberg, Darrin Horn)
Radio: Tiger Radio Network (Mike Kelly, Gary Link)

We've previewed the game. We've walked through the stages of rooting for a bad team. And now it's time to watch Mizzou play its best game of the year and send the Hogs home with an L. RIGHT?

Mizzou's season probably wasn't going to end with us dancing in March, but I'm guessing that we didn't expect it to be quite this bad, so it's time to change attitudes. Time to go into the mode of, it doesn't matter if you lose every game so long as you beat something with the word "kansas" in it. Well here's our chance, let's take down something with "kansas" in it, Arkansas!


Mizzou vs Arkansas


SEC Basketball


1pm central


Mizzou Arena in beautiful Columbia, Missouri


Because this team needs you!


ESPN 2, the Deuce


Tiger Radio Network

Who has the advantage in this game, well the only way I can think of to determine that is to go to the Four Factors of Winning. Let's see what they say...

Don't know what that all means, confused by the colors? Just go here and get your learn on.

As of today Mizzou only holds the advantage in ball handling turnover percentage and with the way Arkansas likes to play and our ball handlers being a freshman and a sophomore, this could turn in Arkansas' favor pretty quick. Basically, it does not look good for Mizzou when considering the four factors.


How about if we look at Sam's three keys from today's preview.

1) Who dictates pace? We all know what this means, Mike Anderson teams want to speed you up so you get crazy and completely lose your cool, composure and the the ball. If we can control the tempo, big plus for Mizzou.

2) Make sure the jumpers don't fall. Basically, if Arkansas is missing their shots and Mizzou gets rebounds we can win. So hit the glass, I'm looking at you Post, Gant, Allen and Rosburg, hit it!

3) Momentum Plays. Let's keep Arkansas from going on big soul crushing runs, keep em in the 7-0, 8-2 region and that's good enough for Mizzou to stay in this game and have a chance. Also, from our end we need some big dunks from Gant, Post, and JW3 to get the fans on their feet and out of the mind crazy.

I'm going to add a fourth key and that is road Arkansas showing up. Yes, Arkansas has won on the road, but then of late they've looked beatable not in Bud Walton Arena. Touches that aren't fouls at home become fouls on the road, so let's hope to see that happen, and behind a big, loud crowd it's possible.

So Mizzou fans there you have it, the blue print to a win, be loud, be engaged, be there, and wear white (apparently).

Let's get at it Tiger Fans, M-I-Z...