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Coach Kul and the Gang, please don't break up

A little background info on Mizzou defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski

Craig Kuligowski is responsible for helping to put Aldon Smith, Ziggy Hood, Dominique Hamilton, Sheldon Richardson, Jacquies Smith, Kony Ealy and Michael Sam into the NFL. He'll probably end up with two more guys when Shane Ray and Markus Golden get drafted.

What you didn't know is what the coach and his former charges do in the offseason.

Coach Kool and the Gang

Sheldon is the boisterous lead man, Michael is the stylish one, Kony is the serious one, and Aldon is the rebel, while Ziggy, Dominique and Jacquies sing backup. Kul is the manager.

They've been pretty popular in the underground scene around Columbia, Missouri, and have been working on "Something Special" for a few years now and were hoping to breakout when their album was released this summer. We were waiting to release our review, but recent events have forced our hand.

If you pay close attention, at least one of the songs may have foreshadowed the rumors from this weekend that Craig Kuligowski may be leaving the group and signaling the groups eventual breakup. This doesn't come as a huge surprise to many in the know. When the Grand Puba of their label Roc Mizzou Nation, hired new a new Business Officer, many fans chaffed that Kul has been passed over for a promotion, arguing that his group had brought them the majority of their success.

Roc Mizzou Nation

If the rumors about Kul and the Gang breaking up are true, we'll be sad but remember fondly all the wonderful records and hits they gave us. We've been big fans of Kul and the Gang's work for a long time and wish him success if he does decide to move onto bigger and better things.