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Basketball Live Thread: Kentucky at Mizzou

Kentucky is in town and the Tigers are looking for revenge! Anything's possible in SEC Basketball so let's get together and hope for the highly improbable!

Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

Mizzou vs Kentucky Round 2: The Revenge!


Mizzou vs Arkansas


SEC Basketball


8:00 PM Central


Mizzou Arena




ESPN - Joe Tessitore, Sean Farnham and Seth Greenberg


Tiger Radio Network

It's time yet again to take on the #1 ranked team in all the land, the team that could beat the 76ers (they can't) and while there is not much on the line for the Tigers, being the spoiler of another team's quest for perfection, while turning the SEC upside down (SECBASKETBALLFEVER is a real thing) would be fun!

But do our Tigers have a shot? To the Four Factors we go!

To no one's surprise, Mizzou has no discernible advantage when looking at the four factors, but we do have the home crowd on our side! It's an 8pm tip time, the weather is clear and there's no reason not to go!
Is a home crowd enough? Let's hope so!


Looking at Sam's 3 factors from today's preview for Mizzou to win the Tigers are going to have to hit their outside shots, score at a minimum 60 points, and hold the ball and turn the Wildcats over. Mizzou handled the press well against Arkansas, and didn't turn the ball over, so we've got that going for us.

So be bold, wear gold, be loud and proud and let's watch our young Tigers take down the best team in the land!

If nothing else, let's do it for Mike Alden!