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2015 Mizzou Football Recruiting: TE/DE Josh Moore is a Tiger

Mizzou lands commit #23 for 2015 in Olathe TE/DE Josh Moore

Lucas Vincent Twitter


  1. Otterbacher and Pinkel do this when somebody from the city in question commits to Mizzou.
  2. Tight end Josh Moore is from Olathe.
  3. Moore is currently on his official visit to Mizzou.
  4. Josh Moore just committed.

While the recruiting services work to confirm that someone else from Olathe didn't just commit out of the blue, we'll just give a pre-emptive HELLO, JOSH MOORE.

Here's what I said yesterday about him...

Moore has had an interesting recruitment. He committed to Ohio State over the summer, but it appears that Moore and the Buckeyes agreed to part ways in October. (He has been considered a qualification risk, and there's a chance that Ohio State preferred to go with someone they knew would qualify instead.) He quickly committed to Kansas but later admitted that was partially because his high school coach pushed him in that direction. He is no longer committed to the Jayhawks, and he is once again giving Mizzou a look.

Moore is a strong athlete for his size and is an accomplished basketball player as well. He would be a good get, though there's reason to believe he might end up being a sign-and-place guy, like fellow 2015 recruit Chase Abbington, who signed with Mizzou in 2013 and will do so again on Wednesday.

...and here are some highlights.

UPDATE: Deduction successful.

Also, a position change: