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Basketball Live Thread: Ole Miss at Mizzou

It's the last game in our three game home set, and the Rebels of Ole Miss are in town. Can Mizzou get their second SEC win or will the Ackbars leave us 0 for the homestand? Let's discuss!

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The Rebels come to Columbia for our only matchup of the season, so let's get that "W!"


Mizzou vs Ole Miss


Mizzou Arena, Columbia, MO, the World!


3:00 pm Central


Cause we've got to Mister!




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Look who's back? It's Ole Miss, probably the basketball team outside of Arkansas we've had the most interesting and heated games with so far in our SEC life. But does Mizzou have a chance to end our 6 game SEC losing streak? To the Numbers we must go!

As you can see, Mizzou only has an advantage to speak of in the four factors world of things, which has become par for the course it seems for the season to date.

Mizzou's got the advantage in the ball handling world, so limiting turnovers is a key, and to be honest, our young guards have been doing a great job protecting the ball in the past few games.
Other than that, Ole Miss does have the bigger advantage in offensive rebounding percentage and free throw shooting percentage. The Rebs have been extremely reliable at the line so all you kids sitting behind the backboards, act as weird as possible and do what you can to get in their heads.
Finally, while Ole Miss has the advantage in shooting percentage it's pretty close. So play some good strong D young Tigers and make your shots and that advantage can quickly slide over.

Looking at Sam's three keys from today's preview you can see that he mentions two of the three factors represented above. Keep Ole Miss away from the line and free points, and come ready to throw your weight around under the basket and get those boards! His third factor is ball movement to lead to open shots around the perimeter through slashing, so Clark, Teki, head hard to the basket and kick it out to Namon for those open three pointers that can get our fans in a frenzy!

But let's throw everything out, forget all that. Let's win today for Teki! Everyone deserves a good birthday, so do it for Teki!

I mean, Tramaine is in, how about you?

Let's get at it and get a W! M-I-Z...