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RMN Bowl Contest Update - It is All Over...Sort of

Only one game remains, but we do have a tie on our hands

No, this is not the prize for winning the contest....
No, this is not the prize for winning the contest....
Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry for the delay on the update folks...the weekend ended quicker than I had anticipated.

So, we find ourselves with a tie.  Ask the Nickel and Matthew Vogt both finished with a record of 51-25 (51 wins is a contest record, though the winning percentage is just off the highest ever due to three more games/six more picks this year).  While I had included a set of tie-breaking questions on the original entry, there was a suggestion about adding additional/different tie breakers.  Let's see if I can figure out the poll widget on this thing and allow you, the viewing public, to determine the finish.  If you so care, please vote below.

As for the bottom of the barrel, Jack618 managed to pull himself two picks clear of anyone else, taking the title at 27-49.

For the contest, we did end up over .500, but it was a real battle.  For the year, we came in at 50.8%, making us now 51.19% all-time.  Biggest community winner was Arkansas with the points over Texas (90.18%), with the biggest loser being Auburn with the points over Wisconsin (13.5%).  The all-time records will be updated at some point between now and next December :-)

As always, for those interested, you should be able to view the Results sheet HERE, while you should also be able to view the All-time records (updated through 2013-2014 only) HERE.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and thanks to Bill for setting up the spreadsheet for me.  Be on the lookout for the other long-standing RMN contest, the bracket Challenge, later this March.