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2015 Pieced Together Missouri Softball Schedule

We've been able to piece together the Missouri softball schedule for 2015. Have a look:

1/9 UPDATE: Updated from FullbackU's "sources!" to show the Black/Gold game, opening tournament and the Western Illinois game.  Did NOT change the Citrus Classic schedule.  See in the comments why.

Switzy227 and I have done the legwork and figured out most (if not all) of the Missouri regular season softball schedule.  As most schools have released their schedules, we were able to figure out who has Missouri without further ado:

Feb. 6: Looks like this is opening weekend for NCAA softball.  I've seen a few different tournaments scheduled and this is roughly a week earlier than it used to be.  I don't know if this is due to the NCAA just moving the date up a week or if (counting backwards from the WCWS) this is when it should be due to the number of weeks in February/March/April.

2/7: Black and Gold game

Feb. 13 - 15: 2015 Dot Richardson DI Elite Tournament, Clermont, FL
2/13: Louisville
2/13: Chatanooga
2/14: South Dakota State
2/14: Cleveland State
2/15: Central Florida

Feb. 19 - 21: Mary Nutter Classic, Cathedral City, CA
2/19: Cal State - Fullerton
2/19: Long Beach State
2/20: Texas
2/20: UCLA
2/21: Arizona

Feb. 27 - March 1: Citrus Classic II, Kissimmee, FL
2/27: Notre Dame
2/27: Penn State
2/28: Minnesota
2/28: James Madison
3/1: Maryland
3/1: Indiana

3/7: @South Carolina
3/8: @South Carolina
3/8: @South Carolina

3/11: Southeast Missouri State (DH)

March 13 - March 15: N.C. State Hyatt Place Invitational
3/13: Fordham
3/13: Lipscomb
3/14: North Carolina State
3/14: Binghamton
3/15: Longwood

3/18: @Missouri State

3/20: @Tennessee
3/21: @Tennessee
3/22: @Tennessee

3/25: vs. Illinois in St. Charles (DH)

3/27: Auburn
3/28: Auburn
3/29: Auburn

4/1: Saint Louis University

4/3: @Georgia (?)
4/4: @Georgia (?)
4/5: @Georgia (?)

4/8: Northern Iowa (DH)

4/10: Mississippi State
4/11: Mississippi State
4/12: Mississippi State

4/15: @Western Illinois (DH)

4/17: @Arkansas
4/18: @Arkansas
4/19: @Arkansas

4/22: Iowa (DH)

4/25: LSU
4/26: LSU
4/27: LSU

5/1: Florida
5/2: Florida
5/3: Florida

May 6 - May 9: SEC Tournament, Baton Rouge, LA

May 10: NCAA Selection Show

May 15 - May 17: NCAA Regionals

May 21 - May 24: NCAA Super Regionals

May 28 - June 3: NCAA Championships, Oklahoma City, OK

There are 4 SEC schools that have released their schedules without Missouri on them, so that leaves Georgia as our additional home away series.  The only weekend open is the first weekend of April, so I have them penciled in there.

This schedule makes 48 games and there's a few midweek spots open, so it's likely that I missed a game or two, although I checked the schedules of our normal non-con midweek opponents (Witchita St; Evansville, Northern Iowa, UMKC, etc.) and didn't see Missouri listed.

I have no idea when the official schedule will be released, but that home series against Florida sure looks delicious.