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Mizzou is installing a new Lock this Saturday vs South Carolina so we did the necessary research

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Scouring the internet for information about Locks, I present to you this faithful account from, about the things to look for when buying into a new Lock.

Getting started

First it helps to purchase from an experienced Locksmith. Preferably a former Lock because they have years of experience. Many people have a loyalty to a certain brand of Lock and will return if that purchase works out. This can work out in the Locksmith's favor because they'll get a lot of publicity if you're a satisfied customer.

A word of caution about brand loyalty: sometimes a pedigree isn't enough so it's important to shop around and be ready to try out a new Lock if an old one isn't up to par. Doing your research is important.

Drill, baby, drill

Practice makes perfect. Perfect practice makes perfecter. That's just logic folks. That means testing your Lock every day to make sure it remains Locked in. Consumer Reports hit the nail on the head:

We spent weeks prying, hammering, picking, pummeling, and drilling, and few scored well. A handful proved far more susceptible than most.

But a little skill and a cordless drill defeated most of the deadbolts we tested.

Parts are often inadequate

Many new Locks don't come fully assembled or they may have a shiny exterior belying a shoddy underneath mechanism. If you purchase a Lock that doesn't have the right set of tumblers or isn't made of the right mettle it may be prone to being picked.

Drills easily open most Locks

It is normal for Locks to look a little suspect at first but patience can often be rewarded. Consumer Reports says that many new Locks are tested using "2 minute drills" and only the highest rated held up to the pressure.

Learn Lock lingo

Speaking the language of Locks can be overwhelming at first. Learning about configurations, packages and defenses are all integral parts of a good Lock. Often, these things are disguised in packaging so deciphering this information can be confusing for a new Lock owner. Study up before hand to be better prepared.

Decide how much you can spend

Buying a new Lock can be expensive and is usually a serious investment. This is the Lock you're entrusting with your valuable future. You have to spend money to protect money is what they always say.

Beef up the door frame and lock

An often overlooked aspect of installing a new Lock is the foundation and frame around it. Take a good look at what it is protecting and what is protecting it. Putting a Lock on a swinging door makes absolutely no sense. The more walls you can put around your Lock the better; six is preferable if you're just getting the hang of things. The success of your Lock hinges on the strength of the doors and walls you put around it.

Call the cops

An added layer of defense when installing a Lock is knowing there is always someone who can come to your aid. Having a strong safety plan for you home defense may mean owning a dog big enough to tackle an adult human and alert security systems like cameras on key corners. Getting bailed out by the police

Limited liability

It's important to remember that no Lock is forever. A typical Lock is good for only three or four years. If you suffer a break in, having an insurance policy is vitally important to preserve your home and family.

Now we hope you are Locked and loaded with the right information.