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Mizzou offense sputters; Tigers lose to Florida

Drew Lock is victimized by a dominant Gator defense while the defense starts a little too slowly to keep Mizzou in the game.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I'll keep this short.

Mizzou welcomed the Florida Gators to town for their Homecoming game, and the tentative excitement generated by the victory over SC last weekend was quickly thwarted when the Gators drove the field with ease on their opening drive to take a 7-0 lead. However, Mizzou put together a nice drive of their own in response...but once again failed to capitalize on a 1st and goal and ended up with a field goal. Florida then took a 14-3 lead, once again aided by a silly defensive penalty.

After that, things got defensive. And ugly.

When Florida had the ball, Charles Harris and his cohorts were wreaking havoc on Will Grier and managing to avoid being burned too badly by Kelvin Taylor.

When Mizzou had the ball, Drew Lock was facing enormous pressure, the run game was largely ignored, and when passes were thrown they tended to be long, or high, or off in some other way.

Mizzou remained within that strike-back zone for a while, but eventually, Florida managed to corral one of Lock's stare-down throws for a pick-six. And mercifully, after a 2nd half punt battle, the game finished with a 21-3 final in favor of Florida.

Much as we were saying a few weeks ago, there are a lot of areas of concern on this Mizzou offense. And fixing it is not going to be easy. Mizzou's goal now probably has to be simply getting to a bowl game. This is your live thread for the evening...remember to be nice to each other.