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RMN Roundtable Returns! Asking about Locktober

It's finally Friday, the weather is wonderful, let's change things up a bit and have a little Q&A for the afternoon.

Drew Lock in "The Sword in the Stone"
GIF by joedog

Well, folks, whether you wanted it this way or not, it's Locktober Eve! Why not have a starting QB with such a pun-worthy name, if nothing less. While we certainly haven't been at a loss of words and/or topics lately, an afternoon question session for the masses. Enjoy! Answers outside of the box are encouraged. Style points count, sometimes.

1. What happens in our first offensive series tomorrow?

2. Your prime QB/RB/WR trio from the Pinkel era, though you can go beyond that if you must. (For clarity, they don't have to have played together)

3. It's (L)october! Fall fan or not, there must be something, outside of college football, you enjoy about the season. Recipe, activity, weather related? One season closer to Christmas? Less yard work ahead?

4. You're naturally gifted (and can go pro) in whatever sport/competitive game of your choosing. What's your pick, and why?

Bonus time: Final score tomorrow between Mizzou and the fighting Spurriers. We're all out of Denmoney, but we're sure once Lock leads us to a 70-0 victory, some currency will be made in his honor.

TGIF! Don't forget your mimosa ingredients on the way home, kids!