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Mizzou Links: Kendial Lawrence is a 2,000-yard back

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Basketball has Media Days too!

Mizzou Tigers pennant Kendial Lawrence is an all-purpose machine.

Con Griwkowsky @ The Edmonton Sun - Eskimos returner Kendial Lawrence passes 2,000-yard mark in Saturday's tilt against Lions

"We got the win, man," said Lawrence. "2,000 yards, that’s an accolade I’ve never achieved. It wouldn’t have meant so much if we didn’t get the win."

The cool thing is the Eskimos wrap up their regular season against Montreal on Nov. 1. Even though the Als have one more game to play than the Eskimos, there’s a chance that game will decide who the CFL’s most productive player will be.

"It might be a little showdown," said Lawrence. "He’s got a few games on me. At the end of the day, those accolades don’t mean much unless you get the win. We’re winning. We have a great thing going and we just have to keep pushing forward.

#MizzouMade indeed.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Bash Brothers? Dirty Duo?

Regardless of what they want to call themselves, Kentrell Brothers and Michael Scherer just can't stop tackling folks.

Blake Toppmeyer @ The Trib - Brother, Scherer spearhead MU's defensive success

"Bash Brothers" was floated last year for Brothers and Scherer. It’s still used to refer to MU’s linebacking corps as a whole, but Scherer heard one he liked better earlier this season. It originated from the training room leading up to the South Carolina game. Brothers and Scherer found out that the sprained ankle Brothers had suffered in the previous Saturday’s game against Kentucky wouldn’t keep him from playing against the Gamecocks.

"Somebody in the training room said, ‘Oh, the "Dirty Duo" is back together,’ " Scherer said. "That one was decent."

Whatever you call them, they’ve been good.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Help us, Josh Henson. You're our only hope.

Ben Frederickson @ - Henson's challenge? Save Mizzou's season

Mizzou Tigers pennant Nice to meet you, Kevin!

Mizzou Tigers pennant Catching up with Women's Hoops, eh?

Mizzou Tigers pennant Volleyball got hops.